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Santastic Tochigi – In my search for Santa, one prefecture that stood out for having a good selection of Santa events and attractions was TOCHIGI. So my family of six took to the road to do a bit of reconnaissance. Thanks to the completion of a new stretches of highway, Tochigi is very accessible from Saitama. It took us just under two hours to reach our first stop in Nasu, where much to my delight the first thing we saw was Santa’s private sleigh. 

It was the start of a magical day for my four kids ages 1 to 6 years old, and I have to say, I enjoyed it more than I had anticipated. We thoroughly absorbed the Christmas atmosphere and came home with a little jingle in our steps! There were so many Santa photo spots, events and attractions and the great news is that there is even more SANTAstic fun planned for many parts of Tochigi for the next few days.

Santastic Tochigi

661 Street

santastic tochigi 661 st

661 Street is a quirky row of shops and a museum, that are all adjoined. The Coca Cola store within 661 street offers two ways to meet Santa each Christmas. One is the SANTA EXPRESS! When you purchase more than 5,000 yen of Coca Cola goods in the Coke Store, Santa will personally deliver your purchases to your home (within the area). This offer runs between December 23rd and 25th. The other is a meet and greet within the Coca Cola store. (Images on the left and right from 661 street).

661 st santa santastic tochigi

Apart from being able to meet the real Santa you can also enjoy the Christmas decorations and Santa photo spots. You can even get a photo with Elvis, a regular fixture at 661 street, with Santa in the background. That Santa is in front of the Coca Cola store. They also have inflated snowmen and a Santa display out the front of the premises.

661 street Information

Official website

Address: 4328-1 Takakuko, Nasu, Tochigi 325-0001.

Phone: 0287-64-0661

Santastic Tochigi December 2015

Finland no Mori

People queuing up to see the real Santa
People queuing up to see the real Santa

Finland no Mori also offer two ways to meet Santa. This Saturday, the 19th, between 2 and 3pm anyone can meet him at the bakery for free, or you can pay to meet him at a more leisurely pace at allocated times from the 19th to the 25th. If you purchase 1,000 yen of goods from the bakery or cafe you get a ticket to see Santa. With this ticket you get the opportunity to take photos. Each day the times are a little different and subject to change so please check on the website (below), but generally there is a mid-morning and early afternoon slot.

Santa's sleigh Tochigi finland no mori Santastic

Apart from the opportunity to meet the real Santa, there are also some fun Santa photo spots around the area.  Finland no mori is also home to a Moomin shop and a Hammock cafe among others. More to come on Finland no Mori in the coming days. Not too far from Finland no mori, there is a shop were it is Christmas all year round; Christmas Town.

Finland No Mori Information

Official website

Address: 2730-36 Takakuotsu, Nasu Tochigi 325-0303

Phone: 0287-78-0981

Santastic Tochigi 2015

Santastic Babies-r-us

Santa Claus will be hanging out in the Babiesrus in Sano for most of the day on the 19th. He will be walking around the store a number of times during the day; 11am, 1pm, 3pm, 4pm and 5pm. If you find him, say hello and get a photo with him. Don’t forget your camera!

Babies-r-us Sano Information

Official website

Address: Aeon Mall, 1324-1 Takahagi Cho, Sano, Tochigi 327-0821

Phone: 0283-21-8801

Santastic Tochigi

Santa Train – Mooka Steam Locomotive

Excerpt from an article on this blog, where you can get all the information you need:

This special event is only available for 2 days on December 19th and 20th. The outbound train leaves from Shimodate Station in Ibaraki at 10.35 arriving in Motegi in Tochigi at 12.06. It returns later that day, leaving Motegi at 14.26 arriving to Mooka  (not Shimodate)Station at 15.19. It costs for an adult 1030 yen ONE WAY for the event, plus 500 yen for the steam locomotive fare. Children cost 520 yen for the event and 250 yen for the train fare. Preschool children are free. Tickets for the steam locomotive are already on sale at Midori-no-madoguchi (Reservation Ticket Office), View Plaza (Travel Service Center) at Mooka Station in Tochigi.

Santa Train Information

Official website

Phone: 0285-82-9151

Nakagawa Aquatic Park

Kimono santa

From December 1st until 23rd the aquatic park in Otawara has Santa visiting. From 11am and 1pm, for an hour each time, you can get a photo of Santa swimming  around the tank and interacting with the audience with an etcher sketcher! On Saturdays and Sundays Santa wears a red Santa Kimono instead of his usual suit, at the 1pm showing only. The Santa event doesn’t cost any extra money, once you have a ticket in to the aquatic park. Entry is 600 yen for adults and 250 yen for children over 6. Under 6 are free. Please check the website for up-to-date prices. (Images on the left and right taken from the official website.)

Nakagawa Aquatic Park Information

Official website.

Address: 2686 Sarado, Otawara-shi, TOCHIGI 324-0404

Phone: 0287-98-3055

Santastic Tochigi

Premium Outlets Sano

Santa is available for photos on Saturday the 19th at the outlet. You can find information for Santa Claus at the Premium Outlets in Sano on this blog:

Santastic Premium Outlets Information

Official website.

Phone: 0283-20-5800

Address: 2058 Koenacho, Sano, Tochigi Prefecture 327-0822

Santastic Santa Hills

SANTA HILLS is a cottage and campsite where Santa has a house. He visits his house in Santa hills every day in December! And while there he gives all the kids at the campsite and staying in the cabins a small present in person. The campsite has a Christmas shop open to the general public all year round and the cafe has a Christmassy feel all the year round too!

Santa Hills Information

Official website.

Information in English.

Phone: 0287-96-4622

Teddy Bear Museum

On our own trip, we also went to the Teddy Bear Museum where some of the teddies are dressed up in Santa outfits and Olaf costumes. There were many places we passed on our journey that had Christmas decorations and winter illumination. There wasn’t time to investigate them all. However, what we saw and what we felt was reminiscent of a Scandinavian Christmas and I certainly want to go back to investigate more.

Teddy Bear Museum Information

Official website

Address: 〒325-0302 Tochigi, Nasu District, Nasu, 高久丙1185-4

Phone: 0287-76-1711

A lot of these locations are in the Nasu District of Tochigi. It is a lovely area to visit all year round, but, for us, particularly nice in the Christmas season. And I really do find it to be Santastic! There are several other Christmas locations we have heard of that we want to check out over the next couple of years. If you have anywhere you would like to recommend, please do not hesitate to comment.

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