Satte Halloween

Information in English for the Halloween event in Gongendo no.3 park in Satte City, Saitama Prefecture.

Satte Happy Halloween

This Halloween event is organized by Satte Mama Lab Project and they do an incredible job of it. There are even food trucks at the event on the day. There is a Halloween parade to music and Trick or treat. Both of which are free. Last year, a limited amount of people could sign up for the parade on the day, but it was best to secure a place by contacting the organizers in advance. They announced on their Instagram page when they open registration. Presumably it will be the same in 2023. In addition, they have a handmade fair with Halloween crafts and face painting.

This will be the third annual Satte Halloween event. This year’s theme is “Day of the Dead”, as in the Disney’s “Remember Me”. They have free photo spots to the theme on the day. They will have pumpkins and ghosts too.

Gongendo No.3 Park is not the main one where the daffodils, hydrangea, sunflowers and spider lilies grow. But it is a short walk from that main park, over a beautiful bridge. The no.3 park is best known for its plum blossoms that bloom in February. More detail on the parks:

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Event: Satte Happy Halloween

Date: Sunday October 22nd 2023

Time: 10 am to 3 pm

Cost: no admission fee. Individual events may incur charges.

Venue: Gongendo No.3 Park, 996 Gongendo, Satte, Saitama 340-0112. View on Google Maps.

Keep an eye on the official Instagram for the most up to date information, including the opening of the pre-registration for the Halloween parade. You can also see Reels and Photos from last years event which looked like a lot of fun.


You can take a bus to the park from Satte Station on the Tobu Nikko line. It is the Asahi Bus bound for Goka Machi Yakuba. Alight at “Gongendo” bus stop. It costs 170 yen one way. The bus stop is on the South end of the main (flower) park.

By car, the park is about a ten minute drive from the Satte Interchange of the Ken-o expressway. You can either park at no.3 parking lot or the main parking lot. The parking lot for no.3 is actually quite difficult to get to due to road rules (no right turn for example) in the area! I normally park at the main parking lot and walk over.

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