Satte Summer Festival

Normally, pre-pandemic, Satte Summer Festival is a four day annual affair every July. However, it has been cancelled for the last two years due to you know what! But it is scheduled for 2022. However, it will be very different than an “usual” year. For one, this year it is only on for two days.

Satte Summer Festival

From the Satte Tourism Website

Usually on the first day of the festival, which is celebrated on the second Sunday of July, mikoshi are carried around town. On the first day, the festival floats will be in the Yumikiya Shrine for some of the afternoon, from about 2 pm. Four days later on the second day of the festival, there is a children’s mikoshi. Finally on day three and four, the main weekend of the festival usually falling on the bank holiday, they parade and display large lantern floats.

In 2022

In 2022, Satte City cancelled the first two days – the mikoshi days – of the festival. There will only be the celebrations on the main weekend; the third Saturday and Sunday of July. Which in 2022 is the 16th and 17th of July. The festival will be on from 4 pm until 9 pm on both days.

The large lantern floats are probably the most popular attractions of this annual 4 day three hundred year old festival. On the Saturday they normally parade the lantern floats around from 1 pm to 10 pm. So this year it is a bit later than normal and finishing an hour later. On Sunday they once again parade the lantern floats around before lining them up on Chuo Dori street. The festival culminates with the floats gradually building up speed as they turn round and round. That usually begins in the late afternoon as the sun begins to set.

*Drones are strictly forbidden at this festival*

Access Satte Summer Festival

Like with most festivals, the organizers request – where possible – that you come by public transport. The festival takes place in and around the Satte Station of the Tobu Nikko Line.

Official web page for the 2022 festival.

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