Sayama sunflowers

Looking for sunflowers in Sayama City? We’ve got you covered! In the Horikane area of Sayama city there is a sunflower field along the side of a busy road. It is not the largest and certainly not the prettiest, but it is a free sunflower field popular with locals. Moreover, it has a maze in it. Again, not particularly large, and not very challenging for an adult, but fun for kids who will revel in getting lost among the tall sunflowers.

Sunflowers in Sayama City

sunflowers in the Horikane area of Sayama

Every August, members of the Horikane community grow sunflowers in a small field near the Horikane Community Center. They grow approximately 10,000 sunflowers, so a tenth of the size of the fields in Kumagaya, for example. And it certainly didn’t feel like there were that many when I visited. But there were more than enough to make the sunflower field photogenic… if only it hadn’t of been such a cloudy day when I visited!

Moreover, there are just about enough to make the maze challenging for small children. In addition, they are densely packed into the space and are particularly high, so they make an ideal maze for kids. They grow to about 1.7 meters according to the event page on Sayama City website in 2021. There is a dais in the center of the fields so you can keep an eye on kids from above, so to speak. In addition, it doubles up as a great place to get a photo of the sunflowers.

A sign for picking sunflowers

The sunflowers generally bloom around the last two weeks of August. However, in 2023 they grew them early and they bloomed the end of July and the first two weeks in August. The Horikane community center posted July 27th 2023 to say the sunflowers were already blooming. The photos in this post were taken August 21st 2021, but in 2023 the sunflowers will most likely be gone by the third week of August.


Season: generally mid to late August, but in 2023 the end of July and first 2 weeks of August.

Cost: The sunflower field and maze is free to visit, but if you want to take some sunflowers home with you it costs 100 yen for five sunflowers.

Address: 298-2 Horigane, Sayama, Saitama 350-1312. Phone: 04-2958-4050

Online: during the pandemic they stopped updating the Facebook page, but thankfully they are updating it again. And here is the web page for the Horikane Community Center as they also add information there too.


The field is marked on Google maps, as per below, but the Horikane Community Center is a good landmark if you are using another map app. Also, the parking for the sunflower fields is at that community center. It is just a small car park, but people come and go quite frequently so it is relatively easy to get a spot. Please note you have to cross a busy road from the parking to the fields. There are traffic lights relatively nearby.

The information was accurate and up-to-date, as far as I am aware, at the time of writing – June 15th 2022. Please do always check with the official site for any last minute changes due to the pandemic and / or other mitigating factors.

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