Seibu Train festa

The Seibu Train Festa is back! The event was completely cancelled in 2020. However, this year (2021) you have to book in advance to attend. If you do not book in advance, you can not attend the event. And once you have made a booking you cannot change any details to it. They are limiting the event attendance to 5000 people. Moreover, entrance into the venue will be split into two different groups. Official confirmation notification here.

Seibu Train Festa 2021 Information

PSA – 2022 is also a limited event. Even more so than 2021. They are only accepting 3000 people this year and of those places only 1500 are “open” to the general public as 1000 tickets have been reserved for citizens of Hanno and Hidaka only. In addition another 500 tickets are reserved for others (railway members etc).

This is a free event, but you must have a ticket to enter. Tickets will be distributed from May 25th. You need to have the Seibu Line App in order to apply for a ticket. You must register your date of birth and email address to apply for a ticket. The application area will be released on the app on May 25th.

The event itself is on Saturday June 5th 2021. It is held in the Musashigaoka Carriage Marshalling yard in Hidaka. Normally a freight and operations railway center, the marshalling yard will be open to the public on the day of the festival only.

Seibu Train Festa
Seibu Marshalling yard. Image from Seibu Official website

The festival is very family orientated and will be of particular interest to train lovers of all ages. Apart from having a number of specialty train items on sale on the day, there are a number of events and hands on experiences for all and sundry to try out. Please note, even in a “regular year” you need a special ticket to enter the specialty stores at the event. That can normally be obtained on the official website , but this year it maybe the app instead. That information is not yet available.

Seibu Train Festa details

There are opportunities to learn about all aspects of the trains with special demonstrations and interactive exhibits. A popular element with kids is the booth where you can dress up in station master and train driver clothes, hats and gloves. This may not be available in 2021 because of the Coronavirus. They have already stated that you will not be able to eat at the venue in 2021.

Seibu Railway Festa
近江鉄道100形 Image from


This festival is only accessible by train or on foot, i.e no cars. You can access Musashigaoka from either Koma Station or Hanno station. From the latter there is a free shuttle bus on the day of the festival. From Koma station it is about 12 minutes on foot. Sometimes they have a special train that goes right into the marshaling yard. Its not yet known if that will be available in 2021.

The event will go ahead in the case of light rain, but it maybe cancelled if there is heavy rain or stormy weather. 

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