Seien Park Illumination

Seien Park illumination in Fukaya is a relatively new addition to “In Saitama”. I’m not sure when the very first display was, but the event has been around for at least five years. It started grabbing attention in 2019 and has proved to be a very popular and photogenic illumination spot in Northern Fukaya. Last year, with the opening of the long awaited Premium Outlets in Fukaya, the Seien Park illumination was more popular than ever!

Fukaya City never confirm this event in advance. They always wait until the last minute to confirm it is going ahead. For example, in 2022, they just announced it on November 1st when they released their November Public Relations magazine. Therefore, I won’t be able to confirm this event is on until early November 2023, but I would be very surprised if it doesn’t go ahead. It is always one of the earliest places to start their illumination, starting on Culture Day (November 3rd) annually. But Seibuen, Tobu Park and Moominvalley start even earlier – in October.

Update; on November 1st 2023 they confirmed this year’s event! Moreover, they shared that this year will be the biggest display to date with 120,000 lights.

Seien Park Illumination

The display features illuminations that take advantage of the geography of the location. The blue lights that color the area around the pond reflect on the surface of the water. They have also created the illusion of flowing water, including a waterfall depiction. The display usually uses between 90,000 and 100,000 lights, but in 2023 they have added even more. They will be using 120,000 lights for the first time in 2023. Making it twice the size of the nearby, better known, Honjo Marigold no Oka illumination which uses about 60,000 lights.

In 2020, Seien Park was one of only a handful of places that went ahead with their illumination despite the pandemic, which played a part in increasing its fame and popularity even more. Please do check with the Fukaya city website for any last minute changes. The featured image is from the official website.


Event: Seien Park Winter Illumination 青淵公園ウインターイルミネーション

Date: The illumination starts on the November 3rd public holiday and runs until January 15th annually.

Time: from 5 pm to 9 pm.

Cost: there is no admission fee.

Venue: Seien Park, 青淵公園, 277 Chiaraijima, Fukaya, Saitama 366-0006. Map below access. Phone: 048-574-6657


Seien Park is a fifteen minute taxi ride from JR Takasaki line Fukaya Station. By car, the nearest interchange is Hanazono, which is about a 15 minute drive from the park. It is close to the Fukaya bypass and route 17. The park is close to the border of Ota City in Gunma.

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