Seinan Saitama City Sakura Matsuri

Seinan is the name of the area from Musashi Urawa Station to Besshonuma Park in Saitama City. Seinan 西南 means south west. The area of the cherry blossoms and the sakura matsuri is on a street that is called ‘Greenery and flower promenade’ 花と緑の散歩道. You can find dozens of post on social media of the promenade. The tunnel of sakura trees in the middle of a road in urban Saitama City is very photogenic.

Saitama City Seinan Sakura Matsuri 2023

Each year, the area hosts a ‘sakura matsuri’ cherry blossom festival. It is a local, family friendly festival. It is a highly populated area, so there is always a good crowd of people. However, due to the pandemic, the festival was not held between 2020 and 2022. But they did have the festival lanterns up in 2022 and they also lit up the trees at night.

This year, they have confirmed they will have their one day festival with some of the standard features, including the beloved mini steam locomotive ride under the cherry blossoms. **However, they had to cancel it due to the heavy rain**

Cherry Blossom Light Up

They actually put the lanterns up at the start of this week. Moreover, they’ve been lighting the lanterns at night since at least the 15th.


Event: Seinan Sakura Matsuri 西南さくら祭り

Date: Saturday March 25th 2023. However, it has been cancelled due to the heavy rain.

Time: From 1 pm

Cost: free to attend

Venue: Flower and Greenery Promenade, 5 Chome-18-422-1 Besshocho, Minami Ward, Saitama, 336-0021. View on Google Maps.


The street starts from Musashi Urawa Station and continues up to Besshonuma Park. There are some coin parking lots in the area.

>>For more confirmed sakura matsuri in Saitama Prefecture in 2023.<<

Official Facebook page of the event, which they update frequently with new information and photos.

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