September Scarecrow Showcase

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Every year in September we enjoy a Scarecrow display on a route we often take, on national road 254. This year, the “September scarecrows” were actually put out in August. During the last week in August the weather, became uncharacteristically cool and Autumn was declared. I guess that is why the scarecrows went up early this year.

In previous years, I have found the selection much better, but I still got some Halloween costume ideas from this year’s display.  The last time I posted about the annual display was 2013 and the photo quality wasn’t very good, but you can get some more Halloween costume ideas there too. (Linked: September Scarecrow Showcase 2013).  While the selection was not as good as previous years, I did find some scarecrows that made me smile and I feel are worth a blog post. 🙂

Minions Scarecrow in Saitama, Japan


Shaun the sheep scarecrow

Shaun the Sheep in Saitama

Spongebob Square Pants in Saitama

Mickey Mouse scarecrow

A Police Cat or Cat Police!

“Nebaaru Kun” Mito City mascot or as Asahi Shinbun Writer Takeshi Teruya put it “the unofficial patron saint”

A creepy clown

The one in the middle of the below photo has me baffled. Any ideas?


There’s always at least one farmer.

Elephant man?


A Lego man


A teacher!? The arm band on this one has me curious.


Added on September 6th



I sometimes don’t get what they are supposed to be, but I truly appreciate the time and effort that goes into making them.  It is always a pleasure to go and view the September scarecrows. The kids really enjoy it, too, and it gets us thinking about Halloween and what we are going to dress up as. 🙂

Have you any scarecrows in your area? I’d love to hear about them, or even better still; see them. 🙂

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