Shiraoka Shibayamanuma Shibayama marsh carp streamers called Koinobori in Japanese

Each year during Golden Week you can see about 100 carp streamers flying over Shibayama Marsh in Shiraoka City. They are hung annually in honor of Children’s Day, which falls on May 5th annually. It is a project carried out every year by the city’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry. They even hung them during the pandemic, to give the citizens something to enjoy when little else was on.

Shiraoka Carp Streamers

The carp streamers at Shibayama Marsh in Shiraoka are ones that were handed down (donated) by locals. There are also some handmade carp streamers, made by a local children’s group. A low lying bridge offers a picturesque backdrop at this location, as you can see in the featured photo at the top of the post. In 2024 they will be on display from Saturday the 27th of April until public holiday Monday May 6th.

Shibayama Marsh (Shibayamanuma)

Shibayama Marsh / Swamp is the second largest natural marsh in Saitama Prefecture. It is well known locally as a fishing spot. The circumference is approximately 2 kilometers. Reportedly, the depth of the water is 8m at its deepest point. Shiraoka City have classified it as a “biotope” to improve and protect the natural environment. Different flowers bloom throughout the year making it a pleasant place to walk each season. Apart from the “Koinobori”, another popular visual at this swamp is the illumination in December.


Event: Shiraoka Shibayama Marsh Koinobori 柴山沼鯉のぼり

Dates: from Saturday April 27th to public holiday Monday May 6th 2024

Hours: open 24 hours. However, there is no lighting at night.

Cost: there is no admission fee.

Venue: Shibayama Marsh (Shibayamanuma) 柴山沼公園, 1941-3 Shibayama, Shiraoka, Saitama 349-0201. View on Google Maps.


It is quite tricky to get to by public transport. There is an infrequent bus from Uchijuku Station to Ohashi bus stop, and then a 20 to 25 minute walk. There is also a bus from Hasuda station which stops around a 30 minute walk from the park at Hachiman Shrine bus stop (Kamihirano area). If you are coming by car, the park is close to the Shiraoka-Shobu Interchange of the Ken-o expressway. There is parking available.

Official page on Shiraoka City website.

More Koinobori locations in Saitama Prefecture.

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