The leaflet for the 2023 Shiki Sakura Festa

This is cherry blossom festival in Shiki, or as they call it a Sakura Festa, is relatively new. They say it it is the 6th annual Shiki Cherry Blossom Festival, but considering the 3rd, 4th and 5th were cancelled, it really is only the third! Moreover, since the festival was last held a lot has changed at the venue – Iroha Shinsui Park. For one, there are lots of new facilities and attractions at the park. For example, a new cafe and a fantastic water play area.

Shiki Sakura Festa

The 2023 festival is on, all things equal, Saturday the 25th and Sunday the 26th of March. On both days the festival is on from 10 am to 3 pm. It will not go ahead if there is heavy rainfall, but will proceed in the incidence of light rain. It is a large cherry blossom festival with several different areas and individual events, as you can see in the flyer below.

Information for the Shiki Sakura Festa in Saitama Prefecture in March 2023

On both days there is live entertainment such as music and dance performances on the main stage. There is also a flea market. In addition, children can ride a mini steam locomotive, or on a pony! They will have a petting zoo too. Just three of several attractions for children. For couples the rickshaw ride under the sakura is bound to be popular!

Shiki Sakura Festa map
Weirdly, this map is the wrong way around! East to West!

Another of the highlights of this festival is a boat ride on the Shingashi River. However, the boat doesn’t really go under a tunnel of cherry blossoms. If you want that pleasure either the famous cherry blossom boat ride (also on the Shingashi River) in Kawagoe, or the one on the Motoara river in Fukiage are highly recommended. Kawajima Town has a boat ride too (pre-pandemic) that is similar to this one in Shiki.


Event: Shiki Sakura Festa 志木さくらフェスタ

Date: Saturday March 25th and Sunday March 26th 2023

Time: from 10 am to 3 pm

Cost: free

Venue: Iroha Shinsui Park, on Google Maps as Iroha Water Park, 5 Chome-1 Nakamuneoka, Shiki, Saitama 353-0002. View on Google Maps.


The Iroha Shinsui park is located conveniently close to the Shiki City offices. You can take a bus to the Shiki city hall and walk a couple of minutes to the park. There is no parking available at Iroha Water Park during the period of the festival.

Official event page on the Shiki City website.

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