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Gotemba is one of the four “5th station”s of Mt Fuji. The following attractions are either in Gotemba city or within commutable distance.

Gotemba Attractions, Shizuoka


Tokinosumika is a one stop resort for accommodation, play, eating and HOT SPRINGS. Moreover, it has night illumination most of the year. It also houses the Kogen Brewery.  There is a water and projection mapping show set to music in the evening. Sports facilities include a tennis court, badminton courts, softball grounds, pitch & putt, soccer grounds and even an ice rink. Moreover, they have a splash pool and outdoor swimming pool in summer. Please see separate blog on this resort with full details on all that is available.

Tokinosumika Gotemba Kogen night illumination

Night Illumination at Gotemba Kogen (Japan Travel website), Tokinosumika.


Mt Fuji and ultraman

Grinpa is an amusement park at the foot of Mt Fuji. It is most suited to children, but there are attractions for adults too.  The amusement park is known for its Sylvanian family themed area. It also has an Ultraman zone with giant statues, shop, restaurant and games dedicated to Japan’s most famous heroes.   Information in English can be found at their website, here.

Kodomo no Kuni

Gotemba attractions

A massive and very reasonably priced adventure park with lots of activities to keep children of all ages entertained for a full day. Among the popular attractions are the canoe rides, waterplay area and also the crochet playground.   Further information, in Japanese only, can be found on their website here.

Japan’s largest outlet mall!

Of all Gotemba attractions the Premium outlet is probably the best known. It is wonderful. But if you come to Gotemba there are several other attractions worth visiting too. You can find all you need to know, in English, about Gotemba Premium Outlet here.

Fuji Safari Park

Fuji Safari Park Gotemba Shizuoka

This amazing safari is only a half hour from Tokinosumika. It is very reasonably priced with kids three years old and under free. They have a petting zoo, a walking safari and also other areas suited to small children. You don’t have to drive through it, you can park and walk if you prefer. They are open 9 to 5pm and there night safari is open from 5.30 to 7.30pm. During Golden Week the park opens earlier. Their phone number is 055 998 1311. Further information in English: Fuji Safari Park reviews on

Gotemba Peace Park

A scenic park with beautiful views of Mt Fuji.  You can find a map to it here

Horse riding

There are numerous equestrian clubs in Gotemba.  There is one a 5 minute away from Gotemba station where you can do anything from beginner classes right up to courses to become a certified intsructor.  It is called Club New Season Gotemba. They have a separate “pony class” for 3 year olds through to 3rd grade primary school students.  There phone number is 0550 82 8520.  If you book in advance there is a 20% discount.

Snowtown Yeti

This ski resort opens in October, earlier than other ski resorts in most of Japan.

Otome Climbing Route

Said to be one of the best passes to view Mount Fuji.  The Otome climbing route can be found beside the Gotemba Municipal Hot Spring Resort;

Gotemba Municipal Hot Spring Resort

Open from 10am to 9pm.  500 yen for adults, 200 yen for elementary school children. Half day rate available.  Ten minutes from the Gotemba Interchange by car.  There is also a free shuttle bus service available from the JR Gotemba station at specific times of the day. Parking available. Information in Japanese here.

Komakado Kaza Caves

Gotemba attractions Komadakado caves

The Komakado Kaza Caves (or Kazaana) are a national natural treasure. They are Lava caves. Please note you will have to carry younger children, if they are not steady on their feet. More information in English on

Fuji Speedway

Go Kart Racing 0550 78 1234

This is just a small sample of the attractions in and around Gotemba City on the side of Mt Fuji in Shizuoka. There are of course some great views of Mt Fuji in the area too.

Some of the Mt Fuji Views in Gotemba

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