Saitama Ice Arena

Each year on Saitama Citizen’s Day, you can skate for just ‘one coin’ (500 yen) at the prefectural ice rink, Saitama Ice Arena. Its one of the cheaper locations in the prefecture on the day. Because apart from a discounted price on entry, you can also borrow skates for free, for this day only. Tobu Zoo and Seibuen offer even greater discounts, but still work out much more expensive!

Saitama Ice Arena

Saitama Ice Arena is the prefectural ice rink. It used to be located in Kawagoe City, right by Kawagoe-shi station. They moved it to Ageo, quite a few years ago now. Unfortunately for me, it went from being close to my house, to being a 30 minute drive away! But the Ageo location, although not near a train station, is a better location in many ways. For one, there is much more parking. Furthermore, it is also a bigger facility than before. Moreover, they have an illuminated rink all the time now – in the old location it was just around Christmas that they lit up the rink.

On Saitama Citizen’s day both adults and children can skate for just 500 yen. Normally it costs 1000 yen for children and 500 yen for children, but you normally have to pay 500 yen per pair of skates too. But on Citizen’s Day there is no cost for skate rental, so the adult price goes from 1500 yen to just 500 yen. Its not often you can save 1000 yen on skating!


Event: One coin Skating on Saitama Citizen’s Day 「埼玉県民の日」埼玉アイスアリーナではワンコイン

Date: Saitama Citizen’s Day November 14th annually

Time: the rink is open from 10 am to 5.45 pm on the day

Cost: as outlined above, 500 yen per person (adult or child) total, on this day only.

Venue: Saitama Ice Arena, 4 Chome-386 Hinode, Ageo, Saitama 362-0032. View on Google Maps.


The Saitama Ice Arena is about a 30 minute walk from Ageo Station, but you can get any bus going to Ageo Undo Park and the arena is about a five minute walk from the park. There are also buses that go to “Saitama Budokan” and “Saitama Suijo Koen” (even though the suijo koen is permanently closed!) and both of those locations are right beside the ice skating rink – same main gateway into all three. If you are coming by car, there is plenty of free parking. However, part of the parking lot is shared with the Budokan, so if there is a big karate or martial art tournament on in the Budokan, the parking lot can become a big congested.

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