Kid’s US Land Kawagoe

Regrettably, Kids US Land Kawagoe closed for business in 2018.

Kid’s US Land Kawagoe is the most recent of the super play centre chain to open on the West side of Saitama. It opened in March this year. After visiting both the Higashimatsuyama and Kamifukuoka branches, I was keen to visit the Kawagoe one too, to see how it compares. It has nothing on the other two larger branches (particularly Kamifukuoka which has the most equipment of the three), but it is a convenient place to play indoors near Kawagoe station. It is most suited to toddlers and preschoolers. There isn’t enough in this branch to engage older children for an extended period.

The Kid’s US. Land in Kawagoe is located on the 3rd floor of Modi. Modi is one of the first malls as you enter Crea Mall from the Atre building besideTobu Tojo Line Kawagoe station.  Unlike the other branches the Modi branch is quite cramped and dark. However, there is enough to do for an hour of play with a small child. And unlike the other branches it is not required that you become a member to use their facilities. They have a special package for non members for half an hour of play for both Mom and child for just 500 yen. However, if you plan to play more than twice it is worth buying the membership card as a half hour play for a parent-child pair who are members is 400 yen.

About Kid’s US Land

Membership details for Kid’s US Land

Kid’s US Land is part of a franchise with over 120 stores throughout Japan. Once you become member of one, you can use any branch with the same membership card. The membership card costs 300 yen *each*, but it is an once off payment. You do not have to pay an annual renewal fee like so many other play centers. It is also quick and easy to make the card; they do not require you to fill out any form. You simply have to sign your name to the back of the card you are given. However, each family member must make a card and if you forget a card on a day that you visit, it costs 100 yen to receive a temporary membership card. If you can’t read Japanese, they have information in English at the reception desk.

Kid’s US Land Kawagoe Modi

Facilities / Equipment

They have the archetypal Kid’s US Land Jungle gym, only is much smaller than the other branches I have been to. The jungle gym has the usual obstacle course around the top deck of the jungle gym area.

The area beside the jungle gym has a few things for small children. It includes a small see saw and a slide.

There is also a play house. And you can see the table in the above photo where children can draw and colour. There are some colouring pages out that you can help yourself to, and crayons that children can use freely.

You will find some soft blocks and a few other toys in that area.

They also have a good selection of stuffed animals.

A cot is available for lying babies on while older children play.

Kid's US land kawagoe dress up

They have dress up clothes: tutus, fairies, spiderman and a bumble bee.

Elephant merry go round at kid's us land kawagoe

They have one merry-go-round.

There is a zorb.

Trampoline at kid's us land kawagoe

Unlike the other branches there is only one trampoline. Like all other branches, you have wear helmets, which are provided, on the trampoline.

They have hand spinners and you can pay extra for a special package that allows unlimited entry to the play area and unlimited use of hand spinners for a day.

Massage chairs and magazines at kid's us land kawagoe

There are a couple of massage chairs and some magazines for parents.

They have a few tables for sitting and / or eating at.  You can bring your own food in. I didn’t see any highchairs in this branch.

The play area is beside Modi’s toilets, one of which has a diaper changing mat. Like the other branches, they run events and you can get up to date information on their blog.  Currently, they have a colouring events where kids can get a sweet in exchange for colouring a picture. The pictures are displayed on one of the walls. They are also running a LINE campaign; if you link with them on Line you get to do a lucky dip.

(**I have no affiliation to Kid’s US Land, I do not get anything in exchange for my endorsements, all opinions expressed are my own honest observations, the information provided was true {to the best of my knowledge} at the time of publishing).

What it is missing that is in other branches

There are no bouncy castles or push along rides in this branch. This branch also has no video games and only one arcade game meaning it may not be as appealing to older children.  There is also no table tennis, air hockey and a small billiard table.

Cost and Other Information

Everything listed and / or mentioned above is included in the price. It costs 100 yen (before tax) for 15 minutes of play. That is 100 yen for a child older than two (children under two are FREE) and another 100 yen for an adult. If you are planning to stay longer than an hour and 45 minutes on a weekday, it works out cheaper to get the “one day passport”. It is 800 yen per child and 480 yen per adult. On the weekend they don’t have an one day passport for children, just a three hour pack for 980 yen.  As stated above, the Kawagoe branch only have a special rate for non-members.

With all packages and fees you are given a neck strap to wear to identify you have paid in. The basic price system you pay as you leave the premises and give back the neck strap then.  With the day passport, you pay in advance and you are free to go and come as you please. You can even go home and come back if you like! If you are planning to leave though, you can give in your neck strap and hold onto your receipt. The receipt allows you to come back at any time during the same day.

Further information is available on the Kid’s US Land brand website. If you have a child with a disability and have a caretaker notebook you (the named caretaker) can enter for free.

Hours: 10 am to 7 pm

Official US Land website:
Official blog:


By car: Parking in Modi car park. They do NOT validate your parking ticket in Kid’s US Land. But if you spend over 1000 yen in Modi you get an hour free parking. There is a Seria 100 yen shop the floor below where you would easily spend 1000 yen!

By train: Minutes walk from the Tobu Tojo Line Kawagoe Station.

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