Soka Yume Matsubara

The Soka Matsubara Promenade Dream Festa is a relatively new summer festival. Soka City started it in 2015 to commemorate the designation of the Soka Matsubara promenade as a national scenic spot. The festival has been back on annually since 2022, but it was cancelled in 2020 and 2021. Information for the 2024 festival and the Soka Matsubara promenade hereafter.

Soka Matsubara

The promenade is famous for its scenery, primarily the pine trees on the avenue, but there are also seasonal flowers. Currently, there are 634 pine trees on the route. The road stretches alongside the Ayase river. It is approximately 1.5 kilometers long and designated a cultural beauty spot (in a collective group of 13 locations in 10 prefectures of Japan). The trees are believed to be approximately 400 years old.

Soka Matsubara Promenade Dream Festival

The 9th annual Soka Matsubara Promenade Dream Festival is on Saturday July 6th and Sunday July 7th 2024. The main attraction of the Soka Matsubara Promenade Dream Festival is the light up and illumination. For example, they light the bridges up and use projection mapping to create beautiful illumination. In addition, there are festival stalls. They usually have special events too. In the past, the special events included a rickshaw ride, a canoe ride and even an hot air balloon ride at dusk too. However, in 2024, none of those events are on unfortunately. But they will have their tyrannosaurus race, where participants dress up and run as dinosaurs! That is on Saturday only. And on Sunday there is a tanabata (star festival) event.


Event: Soka Matsubara Dream Festa / Festival 2024 第9回草加松原夢祭

Date: Saturday July 6th and Sunday July 7th 2024

Time: 2 pm to 9 pm. The food stalls are available from those hours, the tyrannosauras race is from 2.30 to 5 pm and the night illumination is from 7 to 9 pm.

Cost: there is no admission fee. And there is no charge for a dinosaur outfit either! But you need to book one in advance, through the official site linked below.

Venue: Soka Matsubara Promenade, Sōka, Saitama 340-0013. View on Google Maps.


The promenade is about a 5 minute walk from Tobu Line’s Dokkyo Daigaku Mae Station, which was formerly known Matsubara Danchi Station. By car; it is 5 minutes from the Soka Interchange of the Tokyo Gaikan Expressway.

Official website

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