Soka Post Town Festival

The Soka Post Town Festival is a large traditional event celebrating Soka’s post town history. The festival was started in 2003 in a bid to revitalize the area, which was once a ‘shuku’ post town. As such, Soka-shuku was once very prosperous, during the Edo period, as the second post station on the Nikko Highway. The festival is on annually in June, early June – making it one of the first summer festivals each year. But it has not been on since the pandemic began, so this is the first time in five years and the 18th annual occurrence of the festival.

Soka Post Town Festival

There are many elements to the festival. One of the more traditional elements is the Mikoshi, portable shrine. The Daimyo procession is the highlight of the festival. You can see many different period costumes in the parade. There are also taiko drum performances as well as other live performances. There are many festival and food stalls and food trucks on the day. In addition, they have a classic car exhibition annually at the festival:


Event: Soka Post Town Festival 2024 第18回 草加宿場まつり

Date: Sunday June 2nd 2024

Time: from 10 am to 5 pm, but the opening ceremony is at 9.30 am.

Cost: there is no admission fee.

Venue: Various locations east of Soka Station and Soka City Hall – please see the map below the access paragraph.


The venue is close to Soka Station east exit and there are some food trucks at Soka Station itself. The main venue stretches from east of Soka City Hall 1.2 kilometers North to the Statue of Kawai Sora. Soka City made this map for your convenience:

This event has a thorough official website with lots of additional details.

For even more events in Saitama Prefecture this June.

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