Soyu Secret Forest Mallage Kuki himitsu no mori

The Mallage Shobu mall in Kuki city offers a number of facilities and services for children, including the Soyu Himitsu No Mori, or Secret Forest, play centre on the 1st floor. If you are looking for somewhere children can play in water all year round, this is one to take note of. As you may have noticed, this post was first written in 2014. But ten years later, in 2024, it is still going strong. Moreover, Mallage Shobu mall created a whole children’s area around the play center, called “Kodomallage Kids Forest”.

Soyu Himitsu no Mori

Soyu Himitsu no Mori has the unique feature of an indoor paddling / splash pool, which is part of the Secret Waterfall area. There is a changing area where you can borrow pool clothes and store your own clothes in coin lockers.  Beside the Secret Waterfall area (秘密の滝) there are toilets and vending machines for patron’s use.

Secret Flower field and Secret Base

On the other side of this rest area is the Secret Flowerfield (秘密の花畑)area, which is a ball pool with a bouncy castle in the middle.  The Secret Base (秘密の基地) area contains a play area for smaller children with soft toys, shapes and blocks as well as a pretend kitchen. There is a baby cot in this area too. In front of this area the free activity event is hosted at 1pm daily. During this time one or all of the play centre’s mascots participate. 

Secret Hill

The other area in the centre is the Secret Hill (秘密の丘) area which has slides and a flying fox. There is also a table here with colours laid out and you can ask at reception for colouring pages. Information after photo gallery.


2024 Official website

Phone number: 0480-87-1931

As of August 2014. Adults free. Children from 1 to 12 years old 600 yen for the first half hour, 250 yen for every 15 minutes after that. Weekdays during the school year you can pay 1,200 yen for unlimited time. Summer holidays and weekends you can pay 1,200 yen for 2 hours. The car park at Mallage Shobu is free.

Opening hours:
10 am to 9 pm, last entry 7 pm

The mall is six kilometres from the Kuki Interchange.
15 bus ride from Kuki Station


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