Shibazakura at Hana no Oasis Konosu

Information for the Spring flowers at the flower oasis “Hana no Oasis” in Konosu. In Autumn, you can see four different varieties of sunflowers in the same garden. Information for an autumn visit here.

Hana no Oasis, Konosu

Spring flowers at Hana no Oasis

Hana no Oasis is a community garden. Moreover, according to the prefecture it is the birthplace of flower production in Konosu City. It is located in a rural area of Konosu amid dozens of paddy fields. The garden is landscaped through the seasons with seasonal blooms. It isn’t particularly big, but it is very picturesque and draws thousands of admirers in each season.

Spring flowers at Hana no Oasis

tulips in hana no oasis konosu

In Spring the main attraction of the garden is tulips. It is the third most popular place in Saitama Prefecture to admire tulips, along with Fukaya Green Park. Both are placed after Omiya Hana no Oka and Shinrin Park.


yellow tulips konosu

Supposedly there are 40,000 tulips in the garden. Almost double what is at Omiya Hana no Oka. However, having visited both, it certainly didn’t seem like there were more tulips at Hana no Oasis. Quite the opposite actually. Maybe for 2020 they have a smaller display due to Coronavirus. Although I cannot find any information online to support that.

Tulips at Hana no Oasis Konosu

They normally have a tulip festival in the garden in April. However, in 2020 due to COVID-19 the festival was cancelled. The park remains open to the public to admire the beautiful spring flowers. There are white, yellow, orange, pink, red and purple tulips in bloom.


Shibazakura at Hana no Oasis Konosu

The shibazakura (moss phlox) display in the garden is quite small, but it is very pretty. There are pink, white and purple phlox.


The peonies have started to bloom, but at a very different pace. The red peonies are furthest along.


Wisteria at Hana no Oasis in Konosu Saitama Prefecture

There is wisteria display beside the mixed flower display. The wisteria has also started to bloom, a little earlier than normal. There is a rest area under the hanging wisteria.


Hana no Oasis
Address:736 Teraya, Konosu, Saitama 365-0071
Hours:24 hours
Online:Official website


There is free parking for 48 cars beside the garden. You can also park at the nearby Konosu flower center for free. It is a seven minute walk from the garden. There is parking (and public facilities such as toilets) for 300 cars there.

By public transport you can get a community bus “flower go” from Kita Konosu Station on the Takasaki Line. It costs 200 yen per adult, 100 yen for school aged children and it is free for children under 6 years old. Alight at Teraya Higashi bus stop「寺谷東団地」.

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