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Starbucks Saitama reopen. According to live Google, “Starbucks is the top searched word today, Tuesday May 19th 2020, in Japan. I was intrigued so I ran a search and pulled up several articles myself, even in the English language. It turns out that Starbucks reopened, rather suddenly, for business today in 39 prefectures. Of the eight remaining prefectures, which are still under a State of Emergency, drive through and take-out became available again today. In total 850 branches (of 1237) in Japan resumed business in one form or another today.

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Starbucks Japan

People do love their coffee. And in Japan the king of the coffee castle is most definitely Starbucks or Sta-ba as its fondly nicknamed. Staba is a contraction of the suta (star) and the ba of bakasu (bucks), is the king of the coffee castle. Starbucks own 48% of the coffee chain market share.

So its no surprise really, that the news of Starbucks reopening created web traffic far greater than any other topic, including news about the Coronavirus! I jumped on the band wagon and have taken a look at the situation in Saitama:

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Starbucks Saitama

Starbucks Kawagoe storehouse district Saitama
Starbucks at the Bell Tower in Kawagoe’s tourist district reopened today

As of today, the vast majority of Starbucks in Saitama Prefecture are once again open for business. However, as Saitama is one of the prefectures still under a state of emergency, you can not eat / drink in store yet. The branches in Saitama that opened back up for business today, are only offering take-out and those with a drive through have restarted that service too.

Starbucks Drive Through Saitama
Starbucks Drive Thru on route 254 near the Kawajima Interchange of the Ken-o expressway

Another thing to note about business during the State of Emergency is that the hours have been shortened. The official website says that all branches in Saitama that have reopened for business will close at the earlier hour of 7 pm during this transitional period.

There are a couple of branches that are remaining closed for the meantime. So please do check with your local branch before heading out the door. You will find a list below of the branches listed as closed on their website below. As of yet, no reopening date has been provided. However, one place on the list of branches still closed, does provide a reopen date:

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Starbucks Metsa Village

Metsa Village is still closed under the Saitama State of Emergency, but the Starbucks at the Moomin and Finnish themed village plans to reopen on Friday the 22nd of May. Metsa posted on their Instagram on the 20th that they are just putting the finishing touches to the 2020 Umbrella Art Installation. If you are visiting this branch of Starbucks after the 22nd of May you can also enjoy Japan’s largest umbrella sky project.

Other branches that are still closed

Other branches that are still closed in Saitama are:

  • Saitama City
    • Omiya Stellar town
    • Lumine Omiya – Lumine 1 & Lumine 2 brances
    • Urawa Tsutaya
    • Urawa Misono branch
  • Kawagoe
    • Lumine Kawagoe
  • Kawaguchi
    • Aeon Mall Kawaguchi
    • Ario Kawaguchi branch
    • Lala Garden Kawaguchi
  • Tokorozawa
    • Shintokorozawa Parco
    • Gran Emio Tokorozawa
  • Kasukabe
    • Kasukabe Lala Garden
    • Aeon Mall Kasukabe
  • Hanyu
    • Aeon Mall Hanyu
  • Koshigaya
    • Lake Town Koshigaya Mori building
    • Dokkyoika University Saitama branch
  • Toda
    • Aeon Mall Kita Toda branch
    • Beans Toda park
  • Lalaport
    • Fujimi Branch
    • Shinmisato branch
  • Hidaka
    • Saitama Medical University Hidaka branch

The reopen date for the branches in the list above have not yet been confirmed.

Did you know Starbucks was opening again today? Did you visit your local (or any other) branch? I’m looking forward to treating myself to one of their seasonal offerings. Happy Starbucks reopen day!

Official press release from Starbucks (Japanese language only).

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  1. wow. people really like Starbucks I guess. Not sure why, although I dont drink coffee most people I know who do actually tell me McDonald’s does better coffee!!!

  2. I like getting a look at the different Starbucks around the globe. As a barista from 1990-1994, I never thought I’d see they day…thanks!

    1. Author

      There is a SB in the city beside me (Kawagoe) that is stunning. It is my favourite. I haven’t put it on the blog yet, never enough time! It is very interesting to see the different Starbucks from around the world. My local back in Dublin, in the Dundrum town center, is boring in comparison to the ones here in Saitama! Thank you so much for commenting.

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