Saitama State of Emergency 2021

The State of Emergency in Saitama will run until February 7th 2021. At first glance the State of Emergency seemed quite limited in its reach. However, as more information becomes available, it is in reality a type of soft lockdown. For one, several public facilities will actually close. Including dozens of museums in Saitama Prefecture. Moreover, some events have already been cancelled and there is talk of others following suit.

State of Emergency 2021

Below a list of places that are closed during the State of Emergency from January to early February 2021 in Saitama Prefecture. All of these, unless otherwise stated, are closed until at least February 7th. (Daily Coronavirus / Covid-19 updates here).

Completely Closed

Factory tours

Factory tours closed during the State of Emergency in Saitama 2021.

Children’s Centers (Jidokan)

There are probably dozens of jidokan that have or will close, but so far these are the only ones I’ve received official notification for:

Museums & Libraries

The museums and prefectural libraries closed during the State of Emergency in Saitama 2021:

Saitama AquariumOfficial website
Museum of History and FolkloreOfficial notice
Sakitama Ancient Burial MoundsOfficial notice
Ranzan Historical MuseumOfficial notice
Museum of Natural HistoryOfficial notice
The Museum of RiversOfficial notice
MOMASOfficial notice
Saitama Prefectural ArchivesOfficial notice
Museum of LiteratureOfficial notice
Saitama Prefectural Libraries
Kumagaya and Kuki
Official notice
Peace MuseumOfficial notice
Tokorozawa Aviation Museum**until January 19thOfficial notice
Youth Astronomical Museum **until May 31stOfficial notice
JAXA **end date not decided yetOfficial notice
CESS Official notice
ALIT **until January 18th
Extended to February 8th
Official notice
Skip City Visual MuseumOfficial notice
Honmaru Goten **until January 18th Official notice
Kawagoe City Art Museum **until January 18thOfficial notice
Kawagoe City Museum **until January 18thOfficial notice
Yamazaki House **until January 18thOfficial notice
Kawagoe Festival Museum **until January 18thOfficial notice
Chichibu festival museumOfficial notice
Disaster Prevention Learning CenterOfficial notice

Genki Plaza

The “Genki Plaza” are a type of community center with various type of facilities.


Partially Closed

  • Saitama Children’s Zoo is open, but the Beatrix Potter Museum, Children’s Castle and Eco Hauchu are closed. Also, several of their daily and weekly events have been cancelled.
  • Chichibu Muse Park‘s music room is closed. The outdoor stage will close by 8 pm. Bird watching events have been cancelled.
  • Kazo Miraikan’s planetarium is closed.

Cancelled Events

At the moment, the list is manageable, but if it becomes extensive I will start a new post with more detail. The following events have been cancelled on account of the 2021 State of Emergency:

Currently open

Places that closed during the 2020 State of Emergency, but currently (January 8th) have no notification / intention to close during the 2021 State of Emergency:

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