Strawberry Picking Chichibu

A selection of 10 Strawberry Picking farms in the Northern area of Saitama, including Chichibu, for the 2024 strawberry picking season.

Strawberry Picking Chichibu and Northern Saitama

Finally… for the first time in four years, it looks like most of the strawberry farms are going back to pre-pandemic hours in 2024. However, one pandemic change remains: there are still many places that require you book in advance. Moreover, many of the strawberry farms expressed the trouble they had planting the strawberries this year due to the hot autumn we had. Thus, those farms that usually open for picking in December, have pushed the date back to January 2024.

The system and cost

Generally, you pay a fixed price for a half of hour of all-you-can-eat as you pick. The prices per farm differ greatly, some start as cheap as 600 yen for children, but, in 2024, adult costs are over 2000 yen on average.  Most (but not all) farms do not charge for children two years old and under. I have not added the cost to each farm below, because the prices change frequently. Also, as the weather warms, it is not unusual for the farms to lower the price. So please do check with each individual farm for the most up-to-date costs (and information). Parking is typically free.

Strawberry picking farms in the Northern area of Saitama

This post introduces strawberry picking farms in the Northern area of Saitama. If you want more central picking areas, nearer Tokyo, please see 12 Strawberry Picking Farms in Western Saitama. The areas featured in this post include:

  • Fukaya
  • Kamisato
  • Chichibu area
    • Yokoze
    • Chichibu City


1. Hanazono Ichigo-en

Hanazono Ichigo en strawberry farm with a long strawberry picking season in Saitama

The Hanazono Ichigoen / strawberry farm is one of the longest running with picking available up until late June. So if you are looking for somewhere to pick strawberries on a June Japan / Saitama trip, Hanazono Ichigoen is worth considering. Especially if you are coming by car as the strawberry farm is located close to the Hanazono Interchange of the expressway. And it is in a nice roadside station which has a famous sweet themed food park Hanazono Forest.

🍓Hanazono Strawberry Farm
Address:444, Omaeda, Fukaya, Saitama 369-1246
Season:January to June
Hours:9 am to 4 pm
Online:Official website
Map:On Google Maps
In the area:▶All year round BBQ and campsite Kawasemigawara
▷The excellent Museum of Rivers
▶Fish catch guaranteed at fishing pond and restaurant Fuppu Nijimasu

2. Angelina Berrys Farm (Angelina Berries Farm)

Angelina Berrys Farm start selling strawberries around mid December, but picking generally doesn’t start until February. I have not been to this farm myself, but it is very well known and reputed in Saitama Prefecture. Furthermore, this farm offers 45 minute sessions of picking, unlike most farms which have only 30 minute sessions. You can print off a 100 yen discount from their website, linked below.

🍓Angelina Berrys Farm (Berries farm)
Address:112-5 Ushirohanzawa, Fukaya, Saitama 369-0222
Phone:080-7594-1115 office hours Tuesday to Sunday (no answer on Mondays)
Season:February to early June
Hours:Closed on Mondays. In 2022, 10 am to 2 pm, Tuesday through Sunday.
Online:Official website
Map:Google maps
In the area:Saitamaken Norin Park | FUKAYA
Hanazono Roadside Station | FUKAYA
Seasonal blooms at Fukaya Green Park

3. Yachiyo Strawberry Farm

Another popular strawberry picking farm in Fukaya is the Yachiyo Strawberry Farm. There are five different types of strawberries at the farm, including sweet Beni Hoppe, one of Japan’s most popular. They also have Akihime, Sagabonoka, Amarin and Kaorin strawberries too. You can buy yakiimo on the farm grounds too. Please note this farm is only open five days a week, outlined below.

🍓Yachiyo Strawberry Farm
Address:1879-2 Uwanodai, Fukaya, Saitama 366-0801
Season:They will start selling strawberries from December 5th 2023, but picking won’t start until around mid January 2024.
Hours:10 am to 3 pm. Closed on both Mondays and Fridays.
Online:New web address
Map:On Google Maps
In the area:▶Really close to Big Turtle Wanpaku Land Sengenyama Park | FUKAYA
Roses, Strawberries and Sweets at Hanazono Forest | FUKAYA
Great playground in Beppunuma Park| KUMAGAYA

4. Ando farm

A farm that kids will no doubt enjoy, Ando Farm has a mini ranch on the grounds. The ranch has cows and goats. Although, its address is Fukaya it is actually right on the border of Ranzan town. This is another farm with a long picking season. And actually its not unusual for to be able to pick even in July. So another one to bookmark if you are going to be in Saitama, Japan, in June. It is a very highly rated farm that is always busy on weekends.

🍓Ando Farm
Address:7057 Honda, Fukaya, Saitama 369-1105
Season:generally from mid January to early June
Hours:10 am to 3 pm
Online:Official website
Map:Google Maps
In the area:▶Very close to the excellent Kawamoto Sun Green Park | FUKAYA
▷Which is beside the Saitamaken Norin Park | FUKAYA
Seasonal blooms at Fukaya Green Park


5. Kamisato Strawberry and Tomato farm

The Kamisato Strawberry and Tomato Farm near the Kamisato Service Area smart interchange on the Kanetsu Expressway. It also has melon picking in summer, which is really rare in Saitama. The farm is located next to Cantare, a well known dessert buffet and restaurant. There is a sweets factory and bakery there too – you can watch them at work through the large windows designed to offer a view. You can pick up freshly baked bread for just 100 yen.

🍓Kamisato Strawberry and Tomato farm
Address:1000-2 Teshigawara, Kamisato, Kodama District, Saitama 369-0311
Season:January 2nd to May 31st 2024, booking open December 1st 2023
Hours:9 am to 4 pm
Online:Official website
Map:On Google Maps
In the area:Little Prince Parking Area, Kanetsu Expressway
Seasonal blooms and events at the scenic Marigold Hill | HONJO
Honjo Agriculture Tourism Center

Chichibu Area Strawberry farms


6. Komatsuzawa Fruits farm

The Komatsuzawa Fruits farm is probably the largest and best known fruit farm in Yokoze town in the Chichibu area of Saitama Prefecture. It is a leisure farm where you can fruit or vegetable pick all year round. In addition, you can fish for trout here too. Moreover, they have a great workshop where you can make your own soba or udon. They have a hammock house where you can hang out! Their strawberry picking season is generally from early January to late April, but in 2023 they started the season in November 2022! Due to a hotter than normal Autumn, they won’t be starting the season until December 2023.

🍓Komatsuzawa Fruits Farm
Address:1408 Yokoze, Chichibu District, Saitama 368-0072
Phone:+81494240412 manned 24 hours!
Season:from December 19th 2023
Hours:10 am to 4 pm
Online:Komatsuzawa Fruit Farm official website
Map:Komatsuzawa Leisure Farm
In the area:Ashigakubo Icicles 2022
Valley of Light ~ Saitama’s newest large scale illumination
Yokoze Puppet Play / Theater | YOKOZE

7. Yokoze Town Tourism (横瀬町観光)Strawberry Farm selection

Komatsuzawa Fruit farm and Okiune Fruit Farm are just two of several strawberry farms in Yokoze. Just like Yoshimi town, the strawberry picking farms in the Yokoze area work in a cooperative. Below is the information for the Yokoze town tourism center with details for eight (ten in a non pandemic year) different strawberry picking farms in the Yokoze area. Ashigakubo is one area of Yokoze. There are very famous icicles there, which are lit up on weekends. If you are going strawberry picking in Yokoze before February 23rd, you can combine a trip to the icicles for an unforgettable winter experience!

🍓Yokoze Town Strawberry farms
Address:Various locations in Yokoze Town
Phone:For the tourism center 0494-25-0450
Season:it depends on the farm, but on average – from early January
Hours:Most open daily during the season, but you will find that some close on Mondays. Also, some also close in the afternoons.
Online:Official web page of the strawberry cooperative
Map:Yokoze Town
In the area:Ashigakubo Icicles 2022
Valley of Light ~ Saitama’s newest large scale illumination
Yokoze Puppet Play / Theater | YOKOZE


8. Tomita Farm

The Tomita farm is a large picking farm with dozens of greenhouses. It does have a website, but it is not updated annually. For this farm, it is strongly recommended that you ring before you go to make sure they are open and accepting pickers. They have raised strawberry beds at both adult and children’s level. Furthermore, the aisles are wide so suited to strollers and wheelchairs. The season here starts earlier than anywhere else, in November! A November start is really rare, so if you are looking for somewhere to pick strawberries in November bookmark here! Moreover, another thing that is rare about this farm is that you can opt to pick strawberries to bring home, i.e. not pick and eat as you go as is the usual system.

🍓Tomita Farm
Address:4359 Shimoyoshida, Chichibu, Saitama 369-1503
Season:Generally November to April.
From November 3rd in 2023, on weekends and public holidays until January 14th 2024, then daily, except Mondays, from January 16th 2024.
Hours:10 am to 4 pm, closed on Mondays.
Online:Official website
Map:Google Maps
In the area:Gorgeous hot spring a 20 minute walk away
Peach Blossoms Yoshida | CHICHIBU
Chichibu Muse Park | OGANO

9. Chichibu Fruit farm

This is perhaps one of the most famous fruit farms in Saitama Prefecture, or at least the most promoted. It is a tourist farm well used to handling large groups as much as small families. You can barbecue on the grounds which is one of the reasons it has always attracted tourists and / or bus tours on a daytrip to Chichibu. Moreover, it is within walking distance of three train stations: Seibu Chichibu, Ohanabatake and Kagemori Stations.

🍓Chichibu Fruit Farm
Address:877-1 Shimokagemori, Chichibu, Saitama 369-1871
Season:they will open on the 23rd, 24th and 25th of December 2023, January 1st, 2nd, 3rd 2024 and then on weekends and Mondays in January 2024.
Hours:9.30 am to 4.30 pm
Online:Official website
Map:Google Maps
In the area:Seasonal blooms at Hitsujiyama Park
The very picturesque Nosaka-ji Chichibu
Chichibu Muse Park | OGANO

10. Masakado Farm

Conveniently located by the Arakawa roadside station, the Masakado Farm is a fruit farm with strawberry picking in winter and spring, and grape picking in Autumn. We haven’t been for the strawberry picking yet, but we have been grape picking here. The vineyard and the strawberry farm are at slightly different locations, the latter (strawberries) is not on google maps. But if you get in the vicinity of the roadside station you can easily spot it. Its a lovely bucolic location, with a view of Saitama’s steam locomotive “the Paleo Express” twice a day from March.

🍓Masakado Farm
Address:538-1 Arakawahino, Chichibu, Saitama 369-1803
Season:awaiting 2024 information
Hours:Generally morning, please ring ahead to confirm the schedule for the day
Online:Official website
Map:The Arakawa Roadside Station on Google Maps
In the area:Buckwheat galore and the Arakawa Roadside Station
Tsuchiuchi Camping Grounds
Ryokami Sanroku Camping Ground

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