A collage of street performers at the Street Performance Festival in Saitama City

Information for the 2024 Street Performance Festival in Saitama City. Each year this festival is on in the area around Saitama Shintoshin station and Cocoon City (except for two years during the pandemic!) Its a lot of fun and there is a lot of variety. Enjoy the New Year buzz and a festive atmosphere, before heading back to work / school / college or university!

Saitama Shintoshin Street Performance Festival

The 19th annual street performance festival is on around Cocoon City and various areas of Saitama Shintoshin. As the name suggests, the festival involves street performers, dozens of them, performing for free. There are stage events as well as performances on the street! Its not just street performers as you might see in the streets of Europe, but acts straight out of a circus such as acrobats, clowns, stilt walkers and jugglers. There are also musicians, dancers, street artists, puppeteers, comedians, even wrestlers! To name but a few. You can check out the full list of performers in 2024 here.

Street performance festival

Our favorite to date has been an incredible Chinese street performing troupe. In 2024, there is also a Chinese Street performing troupe headlining the gig. I don’t know if it is the same one as between 2018 and 2020, but if it is – supposedly the troupe has a 4000 year history. I avoid using emoji in my blog posts (because Google doesn’t like them!) but I will make an exception in this case! 😮 The walking act pictured below will also be back in 2023.

Street performance festival Saitama

The best way to make the most of this two day free event is to use the maps (one for each day) on the official website, linked below. You can also usually pick up a map with schedule at the front of the Saitama Shintoshin station. It is in Japanese, but it is quite visual and very useful. It shows were the various performance areas are, marked by letters of the alphabet, and who or what will be performing there by time.

The schedule and map for Saturday January 6th.

The schedule and map for Sunday January 7th.

a Japanese puppet at the annual street performance festival in saitama Shintoshin

Street Performance Festival 2024

A great way to spend a few hours at the end of winter break…

Event: Saitama Shintoshin Street Performance Festival さいたま新都心大道芸フェスティバル

Dates: Saturday the 6th and Sunday the 7th of January 2024

Times: 11 am to 4 pm

Cost: free

Venue: area around Saitama Shintoshin and Cocoon City. Both of which are right beside Saitama Shintoshin station – Kamiochiai, Chuo Ward, Saitama, 338-0001. View on Google Maps.


They always advise using public transport where possible, because traffic in the area can get very congested. Moreover, parking space is limited. The Saitama Shintoshin Station is right by the venue and you can pick up an event map, with the schedule of the festival on it, at the station. JR Keihin Tohoku and Utsunomiya / Takasaki Lines go into Shintoshin station. Kita Yono station, which is serviced by the JR Saikyo Line, is just a 7 minute walk away from Saitama Shintoshin.

If you do come by car you can either park at Saitama Super Arena or Cocoon City, if there are places available. Both charge 200 yen per 30 minutes during the day and 100 yen per 30 minutes between midnight and 7 am. The maximum fee is capped at 2200 yen per day. Also, please note that the parking in Saitama Super Arena is mechanical so a) you have to be careful about car size and b) you have to wait for your car to be delivered to you!

There maybe some changes to the line-up, if there is heavy rainfall or snow.  

Official website.

In the area

Shortly after the event finishes the illumination is lit up in both Cocoon City and the Keyaki Hiroba.


Saitama Shintoshin is a shopping, dining and leisure facility in the heart of Saitama Prefecture. There is plenty to do in the surrounding area with an abundance of parks, museums and play centers nearby. One of my choices for young children in the vicinity is the ever popular Kid-O-Kid Play centre in Cocoon, minutes walk from the station and near many of the locations of this event:

For even more fun ideas of things to do in January in Saitama:

First published December 23rd 2016. This post was unpublished from September 2021 when I removed the event calendar from the blog. Last update and republish on November 13th 2023.

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