A valley of pink and yellow - peach, plum and cherry blossoms and cornelian cherry trees

This too is Saitama – a valley of peach, plum and cherry blossoms of various shades of pink AND vibrant yellow cornelian cherry trees. Would you like to visit? Take a look at the photos and let me know in comments. I am out and about in Saitama Prefecture all the time. I find so many hidden gems from exploring. But I would never have found this location if it was not for K-san, who I follow on Twitter for many years. He recommended this location in the Hiki District a few years ago, but between one thing or another I only got to go this year. Only just too! I went to great lengths to squeeze a visit and it was entirely worth the effort!

Hidden Gem

Hiki cornelian cherry trees and peach blossoms

The entrance to this hidden valley looks like the driveway into a private home. There is no sign at the entrance or the parking lot to mark its location. And there is no hint that once you go up the hill and around the corner you will be greeted with this stunning view.

Cornelian Cherry

Cornelian cherry trees

The tip of the yellow cornelian cherry trees contrasted again blossoms.

Peach blossoms

Peach blossoms Ogawa Hiki District

I’ve been to a few different peach blossom locations in Saitama Prefecture over the years. This is my new second favourite! Second to Ouchizawa. Ouchizawa is relatively close to this location by car. Yoshida’s peach blossoms are wonderful too.

Kawazu Cherry Blossoms

Kawazu Cherry Blossoms Hiki district Ogawa

As you walk up to the valley you pass kawazu cherry blossoms side by side with peach blossoms. There is also another large kawazu perched on a mound at the back of the valley and a couple other dotted here and there. I’m pretty sure there are a few other types of cherry blossoms on the mountainside that haven’t bloomed yet.


Location: Togenkyo (Tōgenkyō / Tougenkyou) 桃源郷

Address: 〒355-0326 Saitama, Hiki District, Ogawa, 町下古寺213-2. View on Google Maps.

The location does not seem to have a website or web page, that I can find anyway. This is Ogawa Town’s website and other than mentioning the area briefly in print public relation magazines that were scanned on to the site, they don’t have any information for this gem.

Eventually I will add more information, like access, but it will be after the spring holidays.

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