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There is nothing official online yet, but the latest edition of the Tsurugashima monthly public relations museum, released today, confirms that the Summer Carnival is on this summer. This will be the 30th annual occurrence of this flamboyant festival. However, the schedule and finer details are not yet available. But last year things went ahead much like before the pandemic. Even the children’s performances were on. In an unprecedented move in the summer of 2019, the children’s performances were cancelled due to a heat wave on the day!

Summer Carnival In Tsurugashima

This colourful carnival, is quite different from the traditional festivals at this time of year, but just as fun and vivacious. There is usually also some traditional elements though, in the form of Awa Folk Dance and taiko performances. Furthermore, there is other live music and dance, but the main attraction of the festival is the Samba dance. In addition, they have festival stalls on the day. About 20,000 people visit this festival annually. Normally, this event takes place even if its raining, but you can check for any cancellations on the Tsurugashima City Official website here.


Event: Summer Carnival in Tsurugashima 2024 第30回サマーカーニバルin鶴ヶ島

Date: Saturday July 20th 2024

Time: from 2 pm to 9 pm.

Cost: there is no admission fee. Bring some yennie to enjoy the festival food!

Venue: Tsurugashima Station street, Tsurugaoka, Tsurugashima, Saitama 350-2204. View on Google Maps.


The carnival is held close to the Tobu Tojo Line Tsurugashima Station. The event area is about a two minute walk from the west exit of the station.

For more summer festivals and seasonal events please see the main Saitama events category.

Tsurugashima is home to one of the most unique festivals in Japan, in the world possibly! It is only held once every four years, but hasn’t been on in 7 years due to you know what!…

Editor’s note; this event was temporarily removed from the site during the pandemic. 20180614. There is usually another carnival type festival on the same day in Soka, but it was on in Autumn in 2023.

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