Wind chimes at Saimyouji Temple in Kawagoe May 2021 and summer events 2021

A round up of events in Saitama in summer 2021. Includes information on those events and fireworks that have been cancelled in 2021 and those that are going ahead.

Update July 28th 14:08 JST.
This information is all very tentative at the moment. Saitama Prefecture is poised to request a State of Emergency along with Chiba and Kanagawa Prefectures. Should a State of Emergency be declared several of the events currently scheduled to go ahead maybe cancelled. Furthermore, those that are ongoing maybe cancelled too. I will update as more information becomes available.


Cancelled Events Summer 2021

  • Ageo Summer Festival – scheduled for 2022
  • Chichibu Kawase Festival
  • Hasuda Sunflower Festival – scheduled for 2022
  • Hanno Summer Festival
  • Inohana Amazake Festival
  • Inomata Hundred Light Festival
  • Iwatsuki Festival (Official website, Japanese language only)
  • Fukaya Tanabata Festival – scheduled for 2022
  • Fukiage Summer Festival – also cancelled in 2022
  • Kawagoe Million Lights Summer Festival – scheduled for 2022
  • Kita Urawa Awa Odori Festival
  • Konosu Summer Festival – also cancelled in 2022
  • Kumagaya Uchiwa Festival – a small part of it is going ahead, but it is not for tourists
  • Mud Festival
  • Nakasendo Miyahara Festival
  • Nisshin Tanabata – scheduled for 2022
  • Ogawa Tanabata Festival – scheduled for 2022
  • Okegawa Gion Festival
  • Sayama City Irumagawa Tanabata Festival – a “festival lite” is scheduled for 2022, sans fireworks
  • Spark Carnival
  • Tokorozawa Lily Festival – also cancelled in 2022
  • Urawa Yosakoi – scheduled for 2022
  • Yono Summer Festival
  • Yorii Tamayodo Suitenguusai Festival

Added after June 29th (date this article was published)

  • On June 30th Kawaguchi City announced that the Tatara Festival will not go ahead
  • Kawagoe Hikawa Shrine also announced on the 30th that they won’t have their “hikaru kawa” night time event this year
  • Koshigaya City announced on July 9th that the Minami Koshigaya Awa Odori that was scheduled for August will be postponed indefinitely

You will find detailed information for all the events listed above (except for the one linked to its official website) on the events calendar of the blog.

Cancelled Fireworks

Summer firework displays that have been confirmed as cancelled in 2021.

These fireworks are also detailed on the events calendar.

Confirmed as going ahead

As of June 29th 2021. But please note the goal posts are continuously changing. Point in case, when I started drafting this article on June 1st, Ageo Fireworks was still set to go ahead. A week later, the city made they announcement that not only are the fireworks cancelled this year, but indefinitely. So even if a place on this list is marked as “confirmed as going ahead” today, that can change tomorrow. Please do always check with the official website for the most up-to-date information. I will try my best to continuously update this post as new information comes to light, but I can’t make any promises!

Events that are going ahead in Summer 2021

Also, about half of the larger pools are actually open this summer. You can see which ones are open and which will remain closed here.

Fireworks that are going ahead in 2021

  • Kumagaya Fireworks – also going ahead in 2022, but without spectators on site.
  • Toda Fireworks – however, they are being held in Autumn instead of the summer. Update: ultimately they were cancelled.

These fireworks also have an individual event post on the events calendar.

Events in Saitama Prefecture in the Summer of 2021

Not yet known either way

Finally the events and fireworks that have not confirmed either way whether they will go ahead in summer 2021 or not. There are hundreds of festivals and fireworks on in summer in Saitama, so I haven’t listed all of them here. Just some of the larger ones.

  • Higashi Urawa Fireworks
  • Iwatsuki Fireworks
  • Saitama City Fireworks

Surprisingly, but completely understandable, there are almost as many events cancelled this year as last. This is not an exhaustive list. There are many smaller events and indeed large events that I haven’t been able to check up on yet. It took a long time just to go through the ones on this list! So please, if you think you know someone who will find this useful, please do share. Also, please note I will continue to update this article over the next few weeks. And don’t forget to check out the events calendar for even more events and the latest event information.

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