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Approximately 24,000 sunflowers grow at Ushijima Furukawa Park, specifically the area of the park called “phase II” close to the children’s center “Angel Dome”.

Ushijima Sunflowers

The sunflowers typically bloom the first two weeks in August. In 2021, the sunflowers were declared open on July 28th. Update August 3rd – they are in full bloom now. Kasukabe City often post updates on their Twitter account here. The featured image is from that Twitter account in a previous year.

You can use the sunflowers tag to find even more sunflowers near you in Saitama Prefecture.


Address: 493-1 Ushijima, Kasukabe, Saitama 344-0004. Plus code: XQMC+44 Kasukabe, Saitama.
📌On Google Maps. There is parking for 10 cars.

These sunflowers are close to a train station which makes them a popular sunflower viewing spot. The “Fuji no Ushijima” train station on the Tobu Noda line is just a ten minute walk away from the sunflower fields. The train station is so named because it also gives access to the famous wisteria of Ushijima that blooms end of April to early May.

From the official webpage, linked below.

Official web page on the Kasukabe City website.

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