Flyer for the 2022 surprise charity fireworks in Koshigaya

A few days ago the Sekine Enterprise group posted on their blog that they will be hosting a surprise ‘charity’ fireworks in Koshigaya this year. Surprise fireworks are always very welcome, especially when you get a bit (even if ever so tiny) of notice! Particularly welcome as the main Koshigaya fireworks were cancelled this year, much to the disappointment of many! In addition, they are more than just a surprise fireworks to cheer up the pandemic weary – they are also for a “good cause”. The organizers are collecting donations (on their blog here) to support the fire department deal with the increased number of emergency transports required due to the coronavirus.

Mini Festival and surprise fireworks

Apart from the fireworks there will be a mini festival at the venue on the day, Sunday August 21st, too. The venue is Koshigaya Total Park multi purpose ground – 越谷総合公園 多目的グラウンド. They will have yo-yo fishing, kakigori, ice cream and a huge bingo competition from 3 pm. The fireworks start from 7.30 pm and the festival finishes at 8.30 pm. They haven’t specified how many fireworks they are launching. But last year, for their Christmas one, it would seem it was about 30 minutes long. Just listen to the squeals of delight from children in this beautiful video:

The weather forecast isn’t great for tomorrow and they don’t specify what they will do in the case of rain. I advise you check the official website tomorrow for any notifications.


Date: Sunday August 21st 2022

Time: from 3 to 8.30 pm, fireworks from 7.30 pm

Cost: 500 yen donation. Bank details. Money will be donated to the Koshigaya City Fire Department to support them in this time of increased emergency transports due to the pandemic.

Venue: Koshigaya Total Park multi purpose ground – 越谷総合公園 多目的グラウンド, 3 Chome-1 Mashibayashi, Koshigaya, Saitama 343-0011. View on Google Maps.


Koshigaya Total Park Multi Purpose Ground is close to the Koshigaya Municipal General Gymnasium. You can get a bus from Koshigaya Station to “Sougou Kouen” or from Minami Koshigaya or Shin Koshigaya Stations to the “Sougou Gymnasium”. Both bus stops are a few minutes walk from the venue.


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