Suzumegawa sabo dam tokigawa

Five year old really wanted to play in some water today. However, most of the water play areas in parks are closed on account of the Coronavirus. It was a blessing in disguise, because instead we went to a Suzumegawa Sabo Dam park with a natural river. My favorite kind!

Suzume river dam park

*Suzumegawa translates to Suzume River. However, even in English the dam and park are most commonly referred to as Suzumegawa.

Suzumegawa Sabo Dam Park

The dam and park are located in Tokigawa town in the Hiki District of Saitama. Despite the remote location there were dozens of people there today. They were possibly part of some club as all but three of them were painting.

Suzumegawa Sabo Dam Park

The dam is split into three parts. You can walk, or rather hike, between the three, but you can also drive between two parts of the park. Today, we did the latter, because it was a very humid day and the incline on the hiking path and the shortcut by stairs are both quite steep. Moreover, on one side of the park there is a forest, the other overgrown grass, where mamushi have been sighted recently.

Flower Viewing / Event Square

Hydrangea and river at Suzumegawa Sabo Dam Park Tokigawa Saitama Prefecture

The flower part of the park is at the bottom of the dam. It is called the Ohanami ibento hiroba or Flower viewing / Event space or square. Around the water that trickles from the dam. As such the river here is not that suited to river play as its not fresh water. There are some stepping stones here. Further down fresh water merges with it.

Suzumegawa Sabo Dam Park

There is a car park and toilets. There is also a little stage in this area where they host events on occasion.

Barbecue / Camping

The area can normally be used for barbecues and even camping. They have sinks for washing dishes. But apart from that there is not much else. Its a bit of wild camping with toilets being the only luxury! According to the official website it only costs 500 yen per person to camp there. However, you need to get permission from the mayor to either camp or barbecue, at least a week in advance through a form on the website here.

**Please note both the website and the park itself have signs up to say that both barbecuing and camping are forbidden at the moment due to the Coronavirus outbreak.**

Cherry Blossoms

They don’t have it on the map (surprisingly), but there are quite a few cherry blossom trees in this area of the park. As well as in the forest that back drops the dam. They generally bloom the very end of March, but mostly early April.


Azalea and dam Tokigawa

The hydrangea bloom in June, usually around mid-June, which is marginally later than other areas of Saitama. Last week, they had barely peaked through, yet today they were stunning. There are hydrangea all over the park, not just at this zone.

Suzumegawa Forest Road

The dam is on a popular cycle course for advanced cyclists. As you drive from one car park to the other the road forks. If you go right it brings you to the Suzumegawa Forest Road. You can actually drive it too. However, it is a very narrow road and if you meet another vehicle one of you will have to back up to where the road is wide enough to pass each other!

Observation Square

The middle part of the park is where the second car park is. It is overlooking the dam itself. You can walk from there around to the far side of the dam following a long beautiful forest walk. It goes full circle back to the bottom of the dam and around again.


There were still a couple of satsuki azalea in bloom today, much to my surprise. They bloom in May with best viewing around the middle of May. There are also beautiful mitsuba azalea, the purple tree type, dotted around the forest walk.

Mountain stream Square

Wading river tokigawa

As you walk toward the far side of the dam you see steps down to an open green space. Here there is a river with terraced steps suitable to paddling your feet. It is here we played today.

Water Play

The “mountain stream” is relatively clean and very shallow so it is a nice place for water play with younger children. There is some moss on the stones, but not as bad as some other natural rivers.


Suzumegawa Sabo Dam Park
Address:〒355-0344 Saitama, Hiki District, Tokigawa, Hikage, 636−1
Hours:Not specified
Cost:Park and water play are free.
Camping 500 yen per person.
Online:Official web page on Tokigawa Town website


The dam park is relatively close to the Hachiko train line, but unfortunately not the station. The nearest stations are Myokaku Station and Ogawamachi station. Both would take just over an hour on foot. You can get a bus from Ogawamachi station bound for Seseragi bus depot and alight at Suzumegawa Dam Iriguchi Bus Stop. The park is an approximate seven minute walk from the bus stop.

By car, the nearest interchange is the Higashimatsuyama Interchange on the Kanetsu Expressway. There is parking for about 20 cars by the flower viewing square. And for about 8 cars at the observation deck area.


In the area


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