Omiya East Festival

The Tatara festival is the largest annual festival in Kawaguchi with over 160 stalls and approximately 150,000 people attending. In 2019 three major changes were made to the festival. They are outlined below. Another significant change is that the organizers have stated they will not have a Tatara Festival inRead More →

Konosu dolls' festival

Konosu Dolls’ Festival . Tentative information for Japan’s largest pyramid dolls display at “the surprising dolls festival” in 2021. The Surprising Dolls’ festival with pyramid of traditional dolls, featuring Emperor, Empress and all the figures of the Imperial Court, as well as the ancient paraphernalia, is in Konosu, Saitama.  ItRead More →

autumn angyo bonsai festival kawaguchi

The 90th Angyo Autumn Bonsai Exhibition and Greenery Festival in Kawaguchi Ryokka Center has been cancelled on account of the Coronavirus. (There are two a year that is why the 2019 information says the 88th). 2019 information The 88th annual Angyo autumn bonsai exhibition will be held in Kawaguchi fromRead More →

Okegawa Gion Festival

The Okegawa Gion Festival has been celebrated for the last 280 years. Okegawa city is not a particularly famous or popular city in contemporary society, but once upon a time it was a key commercial hub along the Nakasendo Path. The Nakasendo Road was like a highway that connected KyotoRead More →

The “Benibana” Safflower Festival of Okegawa for 2020 was scheduled for Saturday June 20th and Sunday June 21st. The festival takes place between 9.30 am to 4 pm on both days. However, due to the COVID-19 causing Coronavirus, the event has been cancelled.  Official cancellation notification. 2019 Event Information 【べに花まつり】べに花の郷・桶川市で来週16、17日に「べに花まつり」が開かれます。べに花染め体験や切り絵体験、べに花まんじゅうなどのグルメも!見頃は来週から。まつりの日以外もべに花畑を楽しむことができます^0^ More →

Iwatsuki floating dolls cancelled

Floating dolls Iwatsuki – Update February 26th 2020 – the 2020 Floating Dolls event in Iwatsuki has been cancelled due to the coronavirus. A truly enchanting event of the Dolls festival is the floating dolls of Iwatsuki. The dolls festival is celebrated every year on the 3rd of March inRead More →

green center ice rink

Kawaguchi Green Center Ice Rink – In Winter, Kawaguchi Green Center’s summer pools are transformed into a seasonal ice rink. Kawaguchi Green Center is an excellent family friendly complex with various attractions, activities and crafts, and beautiful gardens. Every year the skate rink opens from around mid December to lateRead More →

Kawaguchi Illumination

Kawaguchi Illumination 2019 / 2020 – Last year the night illumination in Kawaguchi was their biggest winter display ever. This year will be around the same. The official site hasn’t released numbers yet, but they did disclose that last year they used 300,000 bulbs in total. According to some onlineRead More →

kawaguchi green festival

Kawaguchi Green Festival – Kawaguchi Green Center is well renowned as a great place to visit with kids. The Green Festival they are holding will be as equally kid friendly with lots of activities and entertainment planned for the whole family. The 2019 Kawaguchi Green Festival will take place forRead More →

Konosu Central Library

Konosu Central Library Konosu Central Library; library with a cafe. Konosu Library is a bright, colourful, comfortable and modern library. And it is the only library I know of that has a coffee shop in it. Okay so it is not quite a shop in the typical sense and moreRead More →