Shimozato Elementary school from Non Non Biyori anime and famed for cherry blossoms

Shimozato Sakura Matsuri 2020 – CANCELLED – Cherry blossom festival at the former Shimozato school also known as Ashigakubo School from the anime Nonnon biyori. During the 2019 cherry blossom festival our favorite cherry blossom viewing was at this quaint old school in Ogawa town.  There is a lovely organicRead More →

Yaezakura Late blooming sakura cherry blossom

Inariyama Park Cherry Blossom Festival 2020 – There will be no Cherry blossom Festival in Inariyama Park in Sayama park this year due to the Novel Coronavirus. The festival had been tentatively set to take place on April 4th and 5th, but earlier in the week they announced the cancellationRead More →

Kita Koshigaya Sakura Matsuri

Kita Koshigaya Sakura Matsuri was scheduled to be held between Friday March 27th and Sunday April 12th, but due to Covid-19 the event was cancelled for 2020. Official event cancellation on the Koshigaya Sightseeing website.  They also have a note on the website that all events until April in KoshigayaRead More →

gongendo cherry blossoms

Satte Cherry Blossom Festival – has been cancelled for 2020 due to Covid-19  This year should have been the 90th Satte Sakura festival but due to Coronavirus it has been cancelled. Official cancel notification. It had initally been scheduled to start on Wednesday the 25th of March until Thursday AprilRead More →

Ageo Cherry Blossom Festival

The Ageo Cherry Blossom Festival is held in two different locations in Ageo. One is the grounds of the Ageo Bunka (Culture) center and the other is Maruyama park. When my kids were toddlers Maruyama park was one of our favourites for “hanami”, picnicking under a blooming tree, both forRead More →

Ranzan Cherry Blossom Festival

Ranzan cherry blossom festival  – The 2020 Ranzan sakura festival will not go ahead as planned for 2020. Due to Covid-19, the Coronavirus outbreak, the 2020 Ranzan sakura matsuri and fireworks have been cancelled.  There are 252 cherry blossoms along the river. The cherry blossoms stretch along two kilometers. ItRead More →

Takao Sakura Park Hanno spring festival Nagatoro cherry blossom festival

The Nagatoro Cherry Blossom Festival is one of the most popular in the whole of Saitama. It is also one of the longest, stretching from the end of March to the end of April. There are a total of 3000 cherry blossom trees in different locations throughout Nagatoro with twoRead More →

Isanuma Park Cherry blossom festival

Isanuma Park Cherry Blossom Festival – The cherry blossoms in Isanuma Park are stunning due to their maturity. Until recent years it was mainly locals that enjoyed hanami in this small park, but nowadays people come from far and wide. You are allowed to eat and drink in the park.Read More →