LO#4 had “koala class” this past Thursday. Koala class is conducted for the newborn at my maternity hospital 2 weeks postpartum. Basically, the midwives check Mammy and babies progress. They physically check on baby too. Mom’s physical isn’t until 4 weeks postpartum. At the class they address any concerns you haveRead More →

Day 3 of a 5 day stay for a normal natural birth in Japan, the last full day (“birth”day is counted as day 0). The day of the facial and foot massage. Also, the last physical check-up for Mama, before discharge. I took a selection of tastes for breakfast again onRead More →

Keiai Hospital Ladies Clinic Lobby

Keiai Hospital, or as I like to call it Keiai Ladies Hotel, is a maternity and ladies clinic in Fujimi City in Saitama.  They also have a pharmacy, a paediatric clinic and a fertility centre** on the main premises and nearby they  have a dental clinic too.  It is a family run hospital, yetRead More →

Playroom at Keiai Hospital – There is a playroom at my maternity hospital, Keiai Hospital, Saitama. When a mother has a check up she can leave her children to play and be minded for free. While a mother is staying at the hospital after birth, visiting children can use theRead More →