Honjo Brick warehouse

The event is officially called “How to enjoy a Scandinavian Christmas”, but essentially this event is a Christmas market in the beautiful Honjo Brick Warehouse. Scandinavian Christmas Honjo Brick Warehouse is an event space in an old, renovated warehouse, much like a mini version of the famous redbrick warehouse inRead More →

Cocoon City Night Illumination

Cocoon City Illumination 2023 ~ 2024 – This year the theme of the annual night illumination at Cocoon City is “Brilliant Promise”. Once again, they are increasing the number of lights used to make it the biggest illumination to date at the excellent mall in the heart of Saitama City.Read More →

Winter Night Illumination Keyaki Hiroba (2)

The very first night illumination I went to in Saitama, many years ago, was at the Keyaki Hiroba in Saitama Shintoshin. At the time it was one of only a handful of places that had a large scale night illumination display in Saitama. I had moved from Mito City inRead More →