Sports Authority Climbing

Information for the Sports Authority Climbing walls where even toddlers can climb. Reasonably priced, relatively good climbing walls accessible and amenable to families. Located within walking distance of Minami Furuya Station in Kawagoe city in Saitama Prefecture.Read More →

Climbing Kawagoe Monolith Kawagoe “Great indoor location for a half day of climbing fun for the family” Climbing Kawagoe Located on the border of Kawajima Town on route 254, Monolith, Kawagoe’s newest bouldering gym, opened about 18 months ago. It has enjoyed a regular trade since the very beginning. One of the appeals ofRead More →

We’ve been spending a bit of time at the Kitamoto Children’s Centre this summer, as it is a great space for a bit of psychical activity as well as quiet play time. My older kids particularly love the climbing wall here, which is free to use once the kids areRead More →