Experience Asakusa Information Share “Where can I try some unique Japanese cultural experiences in Tokyo?” We often get asked a variation of “where can I enjoy some real Japanese experiences in Tokyo?” on the Facebook Japan Travel, Friendly Discussion Group. Unfortunately, the search field and files section of Facebook Groups is stillRead More →

Amezaiku in Kawagoe

Candy Craft in Kawagoe Today, we went to watch the Candy Man in Kawagoe. Mr Suzuki is a performance artist, who sculpts candy into different shapes, characters and forms. It is an art form from the Edo period known as Amezaiku in Japan. From what I have seen of his work,Read More →

Easy paper plate Halloween craft – spider trick or treat bag. Spider trick or treat bag Yeah, it’s October 1st, I’m finally allowed talk about Halloween without getting eye rolls and or verbal abuse. I took our Halloween box out of storage a few weeks ago and the kids haveRead More →

Origami Hearts, Valentine’s Craft. Reposting from last year as it has proved very popular both with my own kids and as a blog post – my evergreen content. 🙂 Origami hearts, Valentine’s Craft These simple origami hearts, suited to young children and Origami beginners, were a big hit with myRead More →

origami dolls for hina matsuri

Origami Dolls for Hina Matsuri. Hina Matsuri is the Dolls’ Festival in Japan. It is celebrated annually on March 3rd, which is also Girl’s Day. We celebrate it in many different ways, such as making crafts at school and home. Here is a really easy and quick paper craft withRead More →

Hina Matsuri is the Doll’s festival celebrated annually for Girl’s Day on March the 3rd in Japan. Families display their Imperial dolls on tiered platforms or in a case from early February until Girl’s Day. Superstition has it, the longer the dolls are displayed past girl’s day, the longer itRead More →

Easy Halloween crafts from Japan for toddlers and babies. Halloween Crafts This is a collection of Halloween crafts that were popular on my old blog “Days of our Lives Japan”. As such they were all once individual blog posts, now all conveniently hosted on the one blog post. Back inRead More →