Hydrangea Koshigaya

A selection of three places you can see hydrangea in Koshigaya City, Saitama Prefecture. Koshigaya City is located in the southeast of Saitama Prefecture and is only 25 kilometers from Tokyo. Hydrangea Koshigaya City 1. Hisaizu Shrine For about 480 meters, the approach to Koshigaya Hisaizu Shrine from the MotoaraRead More →

thousands of white annabelle hydrangea at hydrangea festival

Information for the 22nd annual Satte hydrangea festival in 2024 at Satte Gongendo Park. Since the dawn of Instagram Satte Gongendo Park has become one of the most famous and popular places to see hydrangea flowers not just in Saitama Prefecture, but in the Greater Tokyo Area. Before the pandemicRead More →