Hina no Sato Konosu

Hina no Sato is my personal favorite site of the Konosu Surprising Dolls Festival. Moreover, it is home to the biggest AND smallest hina dolls in all of Japan. Something they don’t seem to advertise very well. I had no idea anyway that I would have the very great pleasureRead More →

Kawazuzakura at Cosmos Arena Fukiage Konosu

Information for early spring flowers and the 2024 Fukiage Poppy Festival at Cosmos Arena Fukiage. Which, as the name suggests, is best known for its cosmos. But they bloom in Autumn. This post focuses on a selection of the spring flowers you can see at the venue, including kawazu (earlyRead More →

Motoara River Cherry Blossom Festival

The Fukiage Motoara River Cherry Blossom festival, also known as the Fukiage Cherry Blossom Festival, is another of Saitama’s well known ‘sakura matsuri’ spots! Initially with locals, but it started drawing crowds from further afield after going viral on social media. Moreover, it was added to the official list of theRead More →

jogenji Saitama city kawazu x weeping plum

The scene of kawazu cherry beside weeping plum blossoms, the two shades of pink side by side, is absolutely breathtaking. It was an absolute delight to find this kawazu cherry blossoms x weeping plum blossom spot in the heart of Saitama, thanks to a chance encounter while I was walkingRead More →

The main torii to Hodosan shrine with cherry blossoms at the Nagatoro Cherry Blossom Festival

Nagatoro Cherry Blossoms – Nagatoro is easily one of Saitama’s most beautiful locations. Thus it enjoys tourists all year round due to the abundance of stunning natural scenery. Spring is no exception when thousands flock to see the famous cherry blossoms in full bloom. Until 2019 the Nagatoro Cherry Blossom overlappedRead More →