The rainbow towns mascots in the car park of Cainz Super Mall Kawajima Interchange

Information for the Cainz Super Mall, Kawajima Interchange, and its annual Rainbow Festival. The Rainbow Festival is a small local type mascot event, with the mascots from each of the Rainbow Cities of Saitama Prefecture. The Rainbow Cities are Kawajima, Kawagoe, Moroyama, Ogose, Sakado and Tsurugashima. More information about theRead More →

Kawagoe Kumano Shrine

Information for both the Natsumode in Summer and Akimode in Autumn, at Kawagoe Kumano Shrine. Kawagoe Kumano Shrine is famous for many things, including warding off back luck. Thus, it is a popular place for good fortune rituals such as Chinowa Kuguri and Yatagarasu Suzu no Wa. Chinowa Kuguri isRead More →

Yoshida rocket festival

The Chichibu Rocket Festival is most commonly referred to by its Japanese name “Ryusei Matsuri” even in English, possibly due to the uniqueness of this 400 year old festival. Ryusei literally means dragon power. The Ryusei Festival, or “Chichibu Yoshida Dragon Power”, is a National Important Intangible Folk Cultural PropertyRead More →