Tentative information for the 2020 Urawa Misono Railway festival and Halloween fireworks. Halloween plus Fireworks: A 3-in-1 celebration: Halloween, Festival and Fireworks. This event is relatively new. It started six years ago. It is conducted on the main thoroughfare from Urawa Misono Station and in the station itself. Urawa MisonoRead More →

Yono summer festival

Yono is an area within Saitama City, Saitama Prefecture. Each area within Saitama City has their own summer festival. And often there own fireworks too. The Yono Summer Festival (Yono Natsu Matsuri) is normally on the second weekend of July. This year, 2020, the festival – along with dozens ofRead More →


Peony Festival in Botanen, Higashimatsuyama There are two famous Peony festivals in Higashimatsuyama. One in the gardens beside Yakyu Inari (the baseball shrine)  and one in Botanen park.  Botanen park has approximately 6000 peonies. The park is usually free to enter, but during the Peony flower festival they charge 500Read More →

Kitamoto Neputa Festival insaitama.com

Kitamoto Neputa Festival Report, November 2019 Kitamoto Neputa Festival History In 1991 a team of Kitamoto city officials visited Hirosaki in Aomori, the home of Neputa, to learn how to make the festival floats used in the parades. And to study the techniques used in painting the distinctive and captivatingRead More →


Anitamasai – Saitama’s largest Anime / Manga festival takes place in October annually in Omiya. Entry to the grounds is free. There will be over 80 booths and a wide variety of events. Some of the events require pre-registration. The cosplay fashion show is a highlight for many. When andRead More →

Tanabata kamifukuoka and warabi hata festival

Kamifukuoka Tanabata Festival – This festival attracts over 150,000 participants annually. It is held on the first weekend of August. They display tanabata (Star Festival) streamers in the area around the station during the festival. Close to 300 streamers can be seen. There are taiko and other music performances asRead More →

iruma air base summer evening festival

Iruma Air Base Summer Evening Festival – Each year the Iruma Air Base opens the gates to the public for a handful of community events, such as the Summer Evening Festival in July. This year it is on Wednesday the 24th of July. If there is bad weather on thatRead More →

Chichibu Kawase Festival

Chichibu Kawase Festival and fireworks The festival is on both July 19th and 20th and the fireworks are on the 19th of July. On the 19th the hours are from 1 pm to 10 pm and on the 20th the festival starts from 10 am. People come from far andRead More →

Sakado Yasaka Shrine Summer Festival

Sakado Yasaka Shrine Summer Festival is held annually in July. In 2019 the dates are Saturday July 13th and Sunday July 14th. The festival takes place from 2 pm to 8.30 pm each day. Around 45,000 people come to enjoy this local festival held in the central area of SakadoRead More →

Otourou festival matsuri iruma otorou otoro

Otourou Festival Iruma – Otourou is one of those words that is hard to translate into English. The word is actually “tourou” and the “o” in front is honorific. The Otourou festival is spelt in hiragana, not kanji. Without kanji it is hard to say for sure, but generally tourouRead More →