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Ageo fireworks are one of the 10 largest firework displays in Saitama. Approximately 10,000  fireworks will be launched, including “shakudama” 尺玉 which are the largest sized shells. There are starmines as well as fireworks with celebratory messages for birthdays, marriage and good results in tests. These fireworks attract about 160,000Read More →

Chichibu Kawase Festival

Chichibu Kawase Festival and fireworks The festival is on both July 19th and 20th and the fireworks are on the 19th of July. On the 19th the hours are from 1 pm to 10 pm and on the 20th the festival starts from 10 am. The festival was cancelled inRead More →

The 2020 Urawa Misono Railway festival and Halloween fireworks have been cancelled for 2020 on account of the Coronavirus outbreak. 2019 information Halloween plus Fireworks: A 3-in-1 celebration: Halloween, Festival and Fireworks. This event is relatively new. It started six years ago. It is conducted on the main thoroughfare fromRead More →

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Update September 11th 2020: the 2020 Konosu fireworks have been postponed. The new date has not yet been decided. I will post it here and update this event post when the information becomes available. Update April 2020. Normally at this time of the year the Konosu fireworks committee start toRead More →

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The first ever Kawaguchi fireworks took place in May 2019. However, in 2020 they decided to hold the fireworks in Autumn. It was actually nothing to do with the Coronavirus, but actually due to last October’s typhoon Hagibis. At this moment in time, they are still scheduled for the firstRead More →

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Started in 1988 the Saitama City fireworks higashi urawa are launched in Omagi Park in Midori Ward close to Mountain Day which is August 11th. This year they will launch them on the eve of Mountain day, August 10th, from 7.30 pm. They launch mainly starmines, approximately 5,000 of them.Read More →

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The 71st annual Kumagaya Fireworks were scheduled for much earlier than usual this year so they wouldn’t coincide with the Olympics. The date was June 6th 2020. Normally they are held on the second Saturday of August. However, due to the Coronavirus outbreak and the State of Emergency in SaitamaRead More →

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Todabashi fireworks are one of the biggest in Saitama. What makes them particularly special is that they are run in conjunction with Itabashi fireworks which launch the same night on the far side of Arakawa River.  In 2020 they were scheduled for the much earlier time of May 23rd (theyRead More →

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Golden Week 2020 Japan – This year Golden Week will be unlike any other we’ve ever experienced. With the whole country under a State of Emergency for the whole period of Golden Week what will it mean for Golden Week 2020 in Japan? Update April 24th: Hours after this postRead More →

Ranzan Cherry Blossom Festival

Ranzan cherry blossom festival  – The 2020 Ranzan sakura festival will not go ahead as planned for 2020. Due to Covid-19, the Coronavirus outbreak, the 2020 Ranzan sakura matsuri and fireworks have been cancelled.  There are 252 cherry blossoms along the river. The cherry blossoms stretch along two kilometers. ItRead More →