Kawazuzakura at Cosmos Arena Fukiage Konosu

Information for early spring flowers and the 2024 Fukiage Poppy Festival at Cosmos Arena Fukiage. Which, as the name suggests, is best known for its cosmos. But they bloom in Autumn. This post focuses on a selection of the spring flowers you can see at the venue, including kawazu (earlyRead More →

Setsubunso festival Ogano

Setsubunso is in the winter aconite family, an Eranthis plant. But unlike most other winter aconite that have yellow flowers, the Japanese species is a white flower. A beautiful delicate white flower, with a circle of yellow around a purple cluster in the center. Sometimes in English winter aconite areRead More →

Early spring festa a spring letter at Shinrin Park

This post contains information for flowers and events at Shinrin Park, aka Musashi Kyuryo National Government Park, for their ‘Early Spring Festa“. In English, they call it a “Spring Letter”. The highlight, for many, of early spring at the park is the early blooming tulips which bloom in March. AmongRead More →

Nagatoro Plum blossoms x wintersweet on the side of Mt Hodo at the winter flower story event with plum blossom festival

Since 2021 Nagatoro have merged their two winter flower festivals – wintersweet and plum blossoms, both of which grow on the side of 497 meter high Mt Hodo – into one event they call the Nagatoro Winter Flower Story. But the period for both is a little different, except forRead More →

Umerin and Mini SL at Ogose Bairin best flowers 2019 plum blossoms ume

Information for the Ogose Plum Blossom Festival and Ogose Bairin (plum blossom grove). Ogose Bairin is one of three big plum blossom forests in the Kanto area. Furthermore, it is a just one of six designated Places of Beauty of Saitama Prefecture. Bairin 梅林 is the Japanese for a plumRead More →

kawazuzakura in Kawajima along the Ando River

Kawazuzakura are an early blooming, pink cherry blossom. They normally bloom from around the third week in February to early March, generally speaking. There are locations where they bloom earlier and places where they bloom later. However, in Saitama Prefecture the kawazuzakura are more fickle than the main variety ofRead More →

ひな人形花飾り Flower Hina Dolls at Pansy House near Hana no Oasis in Konosu

As part of the annual Konosu Surprising Dolls Festival, Pansy house in Konosu have an extravagant, stunning flower display depicting the ‘Daira-bina’, the Imperial couple, as you can see in the featured photo above. This life size flower hina doll display, ひな人形花飾り, is unique to Pansy House. They also haveRead More →

light pink and white plum blossoms at Honjo Park Northern Saitama one of 10 key places for plum blossoms in Saitama Prefecture

Looking for somewhere to view Plum Blossoms in Saitama Prefecture? We’ve got you covered with 10 of the best places to see plum blossoms. Also, we have plum blossoms that bloom from as early as mid January until as late as late March in this selection. Plum Blossoms in SaitamaRead More →