Fujimino cherry blossom festival

Fujimino Cherry Blossom Season – There are approximately 100 cherry blossoms in the Kamifukuoka area of Fujimino city. They are mainly visited by locals.  In a non pandemic year, there is a cherry blossom “festival” in the Kamifukuoka area of Fujimino city. It is not a festival in the typical sense;Read More →

Tanabata kamifukuoka and warabi hata festival

Kamifukuoka Tanabata Festival – This festival attracts over 150,000 participants annually. It is held on the first weekend of August. They display tanabata (Star Festival) streamers in the area around the station during the festival. Close to 300 streamers can be seen. There are taiko and other music performances asRead More →

Nishinohara park fujimino

Enjoy half a day in Fujimino in Nishinohara Park. Old, but great playground with lots of unique play equipment. Restaurants nearby for oyako lunch…Read More →

After visiting Kid’s US Land in Higashimatsuyama (which regretably closed in 2018), I was keen to try out the other branches of the Kids US Land to see how they compare. On the Internet it looked like the branch in Kamifukuoka (Fujimino) was particularly large. A trip there this morning confirmedRead More →