tulips and cherry blossoms Fukaya Green Center

Fukaya Green Park Fukaya Green park is a small park beside the indoor pool and leisure center Aqua Paradise Patio. The park isn’t particularly big, but it has some beautiful cherry blossoms. Interestingly ANA describes it as a “vast park”, it makes me wonder did we accidentally miss a wholeRead More →

Seien Park Illumination

Seien Park illumination in Fukaya is new to insaitama this year (2020). I’m not sure when the very first display was, but judging from the website there was also a display last year. It seems they are aiming to have it as an annual night illumination at Seien Park goingRead More →

Fukaya halloween 2020

Fukaya Halloween at the Okabe Roadside station, “a Harvest Festival”. Fukaya Halloween A Halloween event will be held at Okabe Roadside Station in Fukaya this weekend from 10 am to 2.30 pm on both the Saturday (24th) and Sunday (25th). The roadside station itself is open from 7 am toRead More →

Fukaya Tanabata Festival Saitama

Fukaya Tanabata Festival – also known as the Fukaya Star Festival. The 2020 Fukaya Tanabata Festival was scheduled to take place from Friday July 10th until Sunday July 12th. However, due to the coronavirus outbreak the festival was cancelled.  About 200,000 spectators from Saitama, Tokyo and even further afield, descendRead More →

Hanazono Forest

Hanazono Forest: Cakes, pastry and sweets specialist, dairy free tofu sweets, sweets outlet, bakery, ice-cream, restaurant, rose garden, playground and free factory view Hanazono Forest, Fukaya, Saitama Hanazono Forest in Fukaya City is a type of wholesalers or outlet for confectionery and pastry. It is a very popular spot withRead More →

Kawamoto Sun Green Park

Kawamoto Sun Green Park in Fukaya is a quirky little park with some fun attractions. It is beside the Saitama Prefecture Agricultural “Norin” park. They are separated by a road, but within walking distance of each other. The area is particularly pretty at this time of year while the sakuraRead More →

Fukaya Fire Brigade Fair

A bit like the dezome you can see in January, the Fukaya fire brigade fair demonstrates the capabilities of the fire fighters of that station. This year the Fukaya firefighters fair will take place on Sunday March 17th, weather permitting. The event is unlikely to go ahead if it isRead More →

Fukkuchan and festival stalls at Hanazono Roadside Station Fukaya

Hanazono Roadside Station is close to the Hanazono Interchange of the Kanetsu expressway. It is not on the highway, but a short distance on route 140 from the Hanazono exit / entrance of the highway, in the direction of the Saitama Museum of Rivers. It would seem from google resultsRead More →

Little Prince Star parking area on the Kanetsu Expressway

Yorii Little Prince Parking area, Kanetsu Expressway, Japan. Jump to “Driving in Japan” information. From yesterday’s very Japanese parking area in Hanyu to today’s quintessentially not Japanese parking area in Yorii. Yorii Little Prince parking area may not be a timeslip like Onihei Edo Dokoro parking area in Hanyu, butRead More →

Saitama Norin Park

Saitamaken Norin Park is a prefectural agriculture and forestry park in Fukaya City.  There is quite a lot to do at Saitama Norin, if you’ve planned in advance and booked to pick fruit and/or take a class. On the weekend they have the very popular mini steam locomotive. There isRead More →