Seien Park Illumination

Seien Park illumination in Fukaya is a relatively new addition to “In Saitama”. I’m not sure when the very first display was, but the event has been around for at least two years. But it has only been on the radar since 2019. It starts on public holiday November 3rdRead More →

Fukaya Tanabata Festival Saitama

Fukaya Tanabata Festival – also known as the Fukaya Star Festival. For the second year in a row the Fukaya Tanabata Festival is cancelled due to the coronavirus outbreak.  About 200,000 spectators from Saitama, Tokyo and even further afield, descend on Fukaya to witness the magnificent colours of thousands ofRead More →

tulips and cherry blossoms Fukaya Green Center

Fukaya Green Park Fukaya Green park is a small park beside the indoor pool and leisure center Aqua Paradise Patio. The park isn’t particularly big, but it has some beautiful cherry blossoms. Interestingly ANA describes it as a “vast park”, it makes me wonder did we accidentally miss a wholeRead More →

Fukaya halloween 2020

Fukaya Halloween at the Okabe Roadside station, “a Harvest Festival”. Fukaya Halloween A Halloween event will be held at Okabe Roadside Station in Fukaya this weekend from 10 am to 2.30 pm on both the Saturday (24th) and Sunday (25th). The roadside station itself is open from 7 am toRead More →

Kawamoto Sun Green Park

Kawamoto Sun Green Park in Fukaya is a quirky little park with some fun attractions. It is beside the Saitama Prefecture Agricultural “Norin” park. They are separated by a road, but within walking distance of each other. The area is particularly pretty at this time of year while the sakuraRead More →