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Yorii Little Prince

Little Prince Parking Area, Kanetsu Expressway

Yorii Little Prince Parking area, Kanetsu Expressway, Japan. Jump to “Driving in Japan” information. From yesterday’s very Japanese parking area in Hanyu to today’s quintessentially not Japanese parking area in… Read more »

Saitama Norin Park

Saitama Norin Park | FUKAYA

Saitama Norin Park is a prefectural agriculture and forestry park in Fukaya City.  There is quite a lot to do at Saitama Norin, if you’ve planned in advance and booked… Read more »

Fireworks and Festivals on August 7th in SAITAMA

You can view a clickable version of the above image on the Event Calendar for Saitama. Simply click on the event name for more information and an external link with… Read more »