Stunning light up event with wakasa Japanese umbrellas at Oshi Castle in Gyoda City, Saitama near Tokyo, Japan

Oshi Castle Ruins are located in Gyoda City in Eastern Saitama Prefecture. Nicknamed “the floating castle”, and sometimes “Turtle Castle”, due to its position on elevated land surrounded by water, the story of the castle is particularly famous. In its day, the castle was considered one of Kanto’s seven strongholds.Read More →

Gyoda Hachiman SHrine

Gyoda’s “Hanachozu week” starts again tomorrow. And you cannot visit Gyoda’s hanachozu (floral font / floating flowers) without visiting Gyoda Hachiman Shrine. Not only is the shrine one of Saitama’s most prominent, it is home to the piece de resistance of the monthly hanachozu week in Gyoda. Moreover, it isRead More →