cherry blossoms and rapeseed nanohana and sakura at Sakitama Gyoda

Cherry blossoms and Higanbana at the unique Sakitama Kofun Park, one of Saitama’s famous cherry blossom viewing spots in Gyoda City. While renowned within Saitama as a sakura viewing spot, the cherry blossoms are not that eminent outside of Saitama. Moreover, the spot is not yet known for its spiderRead More →

Vert Cafe

Information for the Child friendly Vert Café, in a converted Cultural Property in Gyoda Suijo Park. Unfortunately Vert Cafe closed in November 2023. However, it is reopening on March 31st 2024. In the meantime, you can still appreciate the atypical building from the outside! Vert Café in Gyoda Suijo ParkRead More →

A collage of some of things to see / do at Kodai Hasu no Sato in Gyoda City, Saitama Prefecture

Rice Field Art, Ancient Lotus, Water lilies, Barbecue, Wintersweet, Plum Blossoms, Cherry Blossoms, Observation Tower, Nature Hall, Winter Illumination and Park (with small playground) at Kodai Hasu no Sato in Gyoda City. Also a popular spot to witness the first sunrise of the year. Kodai Hasu no Sato Kodai HasuRead More →