Tentative information for the 2020 Urawa Misono Railway festival and Halloween fireworks. Halloween plus Fireworks: A 3-in-1 celebration: Halloween, Festival and Fireworks. This event is relatively new. It started six years ago. It is conducted on the main thoroughfare from Urawa Misono Station and in the station itself. Urawa MisonoRead More →

Omiya Halloween Festival

Omiya Halloween Festival  What started out as a 100 participant parade in 2014 has grown exponentially with an estimated 1000 parade participants in 2016, and around 5000 spectators in 2017. By 2018 the event was the largest Halloween event in Saitama.  🎃Omiya Halloween Festival is now the largest Halloween CelebrationRead More →

Halloween Kawagoe and halloween events saitama and Halloween seibuen

Halloween Kawagoe – On Sunday the 27th of October 2019 Atre in Kawagoe will have three halloween parades. They are scheduled for 11 am, 1.30 pm and 3.30 pm. They are inviting children under the age of 7 to participate. It is free to participate, but you need to ringRead More →

Tobu Zoo Halloween

Tobu Zoo Halloween 2019 – On the nights of October 26th and 27th Tobu Zoo is holding its annual Halloween Night party. Until 2016 children aged between 3 and 6 years old who come in costume were permitted for free. Since 2017, that is now open to anyone who arrivesRead More →

Higashimatsuyama Halloween

Halloween Higashimatsuyama – Organised by a Non Profit Organisation, the Halloween walk in Higashimatsuyama is a free family event. It is a proper Trick or Treat event. Each year they have a number of events in conjunction with the walk, such as face painting and stage events. A couple ofRead More →

The Saitama Museum of Rivers have been celebrating Halloween in recent years. This year they have a Halloween programme for the week leading up to Halloween, with the main events on Saturday October 26th and Sunday October 27th. For people who come to the Saitama Museum of Rivers in costumeRead More →

Halloween Kawagoe and halloween events saitama and Halloween seibuen

Halloween Seibuen – Last year Seibuen changed how they celebrate Halloween, regrettably by reducing the number of events. However, the line up for this year, 2019, looks quite good. They haven’t brought back the popular  “Halloween Night Party”, but they have planned lots of pure Halloween fun for the kids.Read More →

Misato Halloween events japan

Misato Halloween Fes The tentative date for the Misato Halloween Fes 2019 was set as October 12th in July 2019. But as it got closer to the date, they changed it to October 20th . The 2018 Misato Halloween Fes date was Saturday October 13th. The official Facebook page forRead More →

Sayama Halloween Chikozan Park

Sayama Halloween in Chikozan Zoo Sayama Halloween – the Halloween period at Chikozan Zoo in Sayama is from October 7th until October 27th 2019. On Sunday October 27th Chikozan zoo will have their main Halloween event “Halloween Costume Party” from 11.45 am at the open space at the back ofRead More →

Halloween Peony Walk

Halloween Peony Walk has been cancelled in 2019 due to typhoon Hagibis – Peony Walk has had a few Halloween events annually for the last few years, but last year they stepped it up a notch. The main celebrations are on the weekend of October 26th and 27th (detailed below), butRead More →