wisteria hanyu saitama

You only have to glance at Instagram to see that the wisteria season is in full swing in Saitama and all over Japan. For many, the emergence of the delicately hanging flowers make up for the end of sakura season. They are one of about a dozen ornamental flowers thatRead More →

Yuruchara mascot summit mascot festival

Yuruchara (Yurukyara) Mascot Summit 2020 – Kanto’s largest character and mascot summit with a Guinness World Record certificate to prove it! Last year, 2019, it celebrated its 10th anniversary. 311 mascots participated and 115,000 people came to celebrate with them despite the most atrocious weather that weekend! This year theRead More →

Hanyu Summer Festival

The Hanyu Tennosama summer festival has a history of almost 400 years. It is celebrated annually in July, usually in the middle of the month. It is a portable shrine “mikoshi” festival. In 2020, the festival was scheduled for Saturday July 11th. However, due to the Coronavirus outbreak the festivalRead More →

Hanyu Cherry blossom festival kasai irrigation canal

The 34th annual Hanyu Cherry blossom festival was scheduled to start on March 21st and run until April 4th. However, at the start of March the official Hanyu city website announced that the festival will not go ahead due to the novel Coronavirus. Information from 2019 During this time theRead More →


Kiyasse Children’s Spring Festival – Kiyasse Hanyu is best described by the people responsible for it’s design, Yoshiki Toda Landscape & Architect Co.,Ltd.: Kiyasse-Hanyu, also called Hanyu Agriculture and Forestry Park, produces a food resort atmosphere with beer restaurants, stores and rest rooms under a huge roof designed to appear asRead More →

Hanyu Parking Area

The Onihei Edo-dokoro Parking Area is a rest stop in Hanyu, Saitama, on the Tohoku Expressway on the way into Tokyo. It is most commonly called the Hanyu Parking Area despite their best efforts to market it by the name of the character it was called after. Onihei Edo-dokoro OniheiRead More →

Mascot Festival Countdown event

Mascot Festival Countdown event… Because what is a mascot event without a countdown…!! For the last 9 years there has been a mammoth mascot festival or mascot summit, Yuruchara (as featured on this blog), in Hanyu. This year, they have decided to really milk the money making machine that mascots are.Read More →