oshamoji yama park hatoyama

Photogenic Cherry blossom spot in Hatoyama Town: Oshamoji Yama Park Oshamoji Yama Park Oshamoji Yama Park is not the type of place you would go out of your way to visit. It is located in a very small park centered around a look out tower. It has no car parkRead More →

Gu choki pan

Gu Choki Pan ~ a small but quaint bakery, and picturesque garden in golf country Hatoyama. Gu Choki Pa is the Japanese for Rock, Paper, Scissors. Instead of Pa, the owner wittily used pan for her delightful picture perfect boulangerie and natural garden in a rural area of the HikiRead More →

JAXA earth observation center and a drive in the Hiki hills

JAXA Earth Observation Center is located in Hatoyama Town in the Hiki District of Saitama Prefecture. The town is probably the most famous place in Hatoyama, apart from the golf courses! To be upfront: my kids were too young the time we visited, so we ended up spending less thanRead More →