red spider lily kinchakuda

Kinchakuda Red Spider Lily Festival 2020, Hidaka, Saitama Japan – The festival has been cancelled this year on account of the Coronavirus outbreak. And on the 17th of September the city will cut the spider lilies that have grown. There is nothing to see here this year folks! The famous redRead More →

Seibu Train festa

There is no Seibu Train festa in 2020 due to the Coronavirus outbreak. The festival was expected to be held on the first Saturday of June, but Seibu announced earlier in the year that they would not proceed with the festival this year, 2020.  2019 Seibu Train Festa Information TheRead More →

Saiboku no Mori climbing wall

Saiboku No Mori, Saiboku Headquarters, Hidaka, Saitama, Japan! In September 2019 Saiboku Ham opened a new play area for kids where the putter golf used to be. It is a beautifully manicured hilly area of grass, with ten pieces of athletic playground equipment. Saiboku Saiboku Ham is the headquarters ofRead More →

Shoden Temple

Komazan Shoden-in Shorakuji commonly called Shoden Temple (Shoudenin | Shoden-in | Shodenji) stands proud at the top of the Koma peak in Hidaka. It is like a beacon for all enthralled by religious architecture. It is easy to spot it from a distance with its impressive temple structure, but moreRead More →

Gojo waterfall, Hidaka. When I first wrote this post in 2016 there was no information in English anywhere around the web. I looked up information in Japanese and it said that the falls are named after The five virtues of Confucius, which is written “gojou” or “gojyou” in English. ButRead More →

Hidaka Sougou Park total park things to do in Hidaka

The Japanese sougou 総合 is used to indicate a multi-purpose park and that is exactly what Hidaka Sougou park is. It is often translated into Hidaka Total Park in English. The park is free in, with free parking. It is close to the golf course for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. HereRead More →

Saiboku Ham and Hot spring, in Hidaka City on the border of Kawagoe in Saitama, near Tokyo. This food centered leisure village (with hot springs and play areas) is located very close to the Kasumigaseki 2021 Olympic golf course. Saiboku hot spring near Tokyo is often described as a food themeRead More →