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There are more than 20 places to go in Higashimatsuyama detailed on the insaitama.com free blog. There are even more things detailed in the events section of the blog.

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Highlights of Higashimatsuyama

Top things to do in Higashimatsuyama with kids:

[caption id="attachment_14992" align="alignnone" width="300"]Kids glamping room and garden play at The Garden Cafe Hotel Shiunkaku collage Glamping play area and cafe[/caption]

Saitama Children’s Zoo
Kurakake Riverside Barbecue
Aruzo Land free indoor play area
Glamping play area at Shiunkaku

Top things to do in Higashimatsuyama:

[caption id="attachment_18477" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Garden and Cafe prunus Higashimatsuyama Garden and Cafe Prunus[/caption]

Monomiyama Park
The Baseball Shrine
Shoboji Temple
Garden and cafe Prunus
Peace Museum