Godaison Ogose Azalea April 14th 2023

Azalea Ogose – beautiful azalea sightseeing spot in Ogose town, Saitama. Information for the 2024 Azalea festival is included in this post. But if you are visiting Ogose this weekend, please take due care if you are hiking in the area – a bear was spotted today, April 11th 2024,Read More →

Hodosan Nagatoro

General information about wintersweet aka Japanese allspice aka Robai, as well as the latest information for the Wintersweet and Wintersweet festival at Hodosan Robaien (Nagatoro) in January and February 2024. In this post: Wintersweet Wintersweet, also known as Japanese Allspice, or by its scientific name Chimonanthus praecox, is a winterRead More →

Autumn leaves Ranzan Valley

Autumn leaves 紅葉 (koyo/ kōyō) Festival at the Ranzan valley / Gorge in 2023. Ranzan Valley¹ is a beautiful nature spot with several hiking routes in the Hiki area of Saitama Prefecture. It is particularly popular in Autumn when the leaves are in various shades of red, yellow and green.Read More →

John Deere tractor at park in Hatoyama Town, HIki District, Saitama prefecture

The John Deere Park is a work in progress, but it has huge potential. It is a “Satoyama” flower park in rural Hatoyama. A place unscathed by telephone or electrical wires, which is rare even in the Hiki District which is largely countryside. Initially, the ‘real’ name of the parkRead More →