thousands of white annabelle hydrangea at hydrangea festival

2022 information for the Hydrangea Festival at Satte Gongendo Park. Since the dawn of Instagram Satte Gongendo Park has become one of the most famous and popular places to see hydrangea flowers not just in Saitama Prefecture, but in the Greater Tokyo Area. Before the pandemic their hydrangea festival wasRead More →

Kashiwaba Oakleaf Hydrangea at Sashiogi Shrine Saitama City

Last update: December 2022 with information for the Autumn leaf festival at the Sashiogi Hikawa “Hydrangea Shrine” in Saitama City. You hear so much about “ajisai dera” (hydrangea temples) at this time of year in Japan. But what about hydrangea shrines? Hundreds of shrines throughout Saitama have some hydrangea onRead More →