Minoyama park hydrangea Chichibu gr

Hydrangea in the Minano area of Chichibu in 2021. The cherry blossoms in Minoyama Park, Chichibu, are one of Chichibu’s most famous scenes. It is nicknamed the Mount Yoshino of the kanto plain due to the 8000 blossoms atop the mountain. However, Minoyama Park also has some stunning hydrangea. AndRead More →

hydrangea at Shiki Shingashi Hydrangea Road

Iroha water park (Iroha Shinsui Park) is located along the Shingashi River in Shiki City, Saitama Prefecture. There are sections of the park straddling either side of the river South of Iroha bridge. Apart from beautiful walkways and lanes, the Iroha Water Park area of Shiki has some significant pointsRead More →

kisai hydrangea festival

Kisai Hydrangea Season in Kazo, Saitama Prefecture, in 2021. Until May 13th 2021 the annual hydrangea festival at The Way of the Wisteria and Hydrangea in Kazo was scheduled to go ahead. However, sometime between then and May 28th the prefecture posted a notification to say that the festival willRead More →

Hydrangea festival From the Satte City Tourism Association official website

Hydrangea Season and festival (tentative), Gongendo Park, Satte, Saitama Prefecture.  The definitive information for 2021 is not yet available. But please note that between May 12th and May 31st 2021 all the car parking lots are closed. They are currently scheduled to open back up for the hydrangea bloom period,Read More →

Nogoji Hydrangea in Saitama Prefecture Japan

To help prevent the spread of the Coronavirus, Nogoji will be closed to the public from May 29th to July 4th 2021. Please note, that there are several places throughout Saitama that have decided to close to the public this year. Always check with the official source for any lastRead More →